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Fan First Friday was yesterday, they announced new stuff for Dino Fury!

The main five Combining Zords release in late Summer/early Fall.

The Mosa Razor Zord and Ptera Freeze Zord are in development and are due for release in Spring 2022.

Releasing in the Fall, the 6" basic Green and Black Rangers will be included in an Amazon-exclusive team pack. The pack also includes an opening buckle for holding a key, the Rangers’ individual Keys, and each has a Chromafury Saber accessory, replacing the individual weapons that the single-card releases have.

Void Knight and Gold Ranger single packs.

Extra news: The Zords will have Dino Keys to swap out Heads. They're locked in the Knight/Head mode, aren't compatible with the Morpher, and are deformed for Articulation. Accurate Dino Keys will be releasing later.

Extra news 2: The Gold Ranger is wearing the standard Dino Fury Morpher for the figure. The Mosa Changer he should be using it just a weapon with the Mosa Breaker on it. There was a rumor than Dino Fury Gold would use a recolored version of the standard Morpher. It was proven fake, however now unless they confirm that the Morpher on the figure is a mistake, he might actually use one.

Extra news 3: You can put the Dino Keys into the Chromafury Saber toy and chomp down on them, but you get no sound.

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There is only ONE item in Zenkaiger's 4th Quarter:

They are releasing a full Sentai Medal set btw
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New episodes titles and summaries (Possible major spoilers)
Tv kun news round up so far.
I just finished Dino Fury, it's pretty good. Here are my theories for Season 2 (References to Ryusoulger spoilers)
I remember watching MMPR when it first came on back in ‘93. Now I’m going back and rewatching it. And the Boom! Comics are awesome!
Here is my idea for Reiwa adaptions

Power Rangers Zeo Prism (Not my idea)

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