PNW Title Matches and Challenges Thread

(Apr. 08, 2023  7:02 PM)Longinus_master Wrote:
(Apr. 08, 2023  6:37 PM)Diamond Blader Wrote: Longinus_master i chalenge you to a p3c1 at the tournament today

Challenge accepted, burst standard I assume?

Omg Me and Diamond Blader bouta join the Supreme 4 just watch. I vote for the rename to be the 4 Emporers (Totally not One Piece Bias)
Congrats to Mstpwrfulblader for taking my title. The new s4 as of today are Jake Jones, Mejdouli, Longinus Master, and Mstpwrflblader.
For the sake of history Wolf2X took mstpwrfulblader's tilte of s4, then at the event this weekend Tuckwolf took the tittle from him. The current supreme 4 are Tuckwolf Mejdouli Longinus_master Jake Jones
Mejdouli I challenge you to a 3v3 title match in the DB stadium at the Xperience event.