[PLEASE READ ME] Beyblade Anime & Manga Download Rules/Q&A/Requests/Etc

(Nov. 12, 2019  12:46 AM)DranzerX13 Wrote: If you are accessing the gdrive from a school/college campus, they might have that blocked.

I'm doing it from home and it's still happening.  Never had this issue before and Rise is coming out soon.
Wait for the dual audio. Turbo 49 will be out this week.
When Beyblade Burst Rise Starts Airing on TVNZ on January 18th in New Zealand, Will You Be Doing Rips for Them Like You Did For Turbo?
(Jan. 01, 2020  4:16 PM)DranzerX13 Wrote: Of course.

When Will You Release Episode 1?