[Ohio/Kentucky/West Virginia, USA] Calling Out Any Bladers!!!

When where there be a tournament in Dayton Ohio? Beyblade Burst btw

I know why there has not been any tournaments in USA recently! The last time beyblade came out in USA was 2013. You are probably wondering, but beyblade burst came out in 2015. Well not in USA. It will come out in USA this November so then things will start happening. I am hyped!
I'm not sure there will be any in Dayton, although I could attend one there because my grandmother lives near there, so I could probably make it
Hey anyone up for a tournament in ohio I'll heading out there for a couple of days
Tristate Bladers, I have come from the hills of Portsmouth, OH. It's good to see more people from these
states congregating online. =
Cincinnati region over here. Glad to see I'm not the only one from the lands of Skyline Chili.
I'm from Cleveland, anyone willing to battle sometime hit me up.
i had no idea there are still some bladers from ohio i kinda just gave up on searching and i still have some of my pervious blades from 5 years ago with me. does anybody around here still play?
I live in central Ohio but would probably drive up to 2 hours away if we ever got something together around here.