North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.

I can still come if anybody else is willing.

C'mon guys; are we really not going to have Beydays in North Carolina? Seriously?

Because that would be depressing.
Can't go to your current tournament hosting areas, unfortunately. Too far Uncertain
i can come
So, what's next in line for NC? A July tournament maybe?
Im going to be in North Carolina from July 8-17 to visit my cousins. Something on July 11th would be cool if possible.
I think we're having something on the 18th, according to Dark; maybe we could push it back a week (although I think he's already scheduled it with GT).

I believe I'll be in town on the 11th. Not totally sure I'll be available, but I'm fairly certain I'll at least be in the area. It would be cool to play against you. Smile
@[TheBlackDragon] I also think HMS/Plastics Remembrance Day is scheduled for the weekend of the eleventh.
Yeah I know it's pretty close to the last tournament. But that's when I'm gonna be there. I understand though if people won't be available. But I am 100% confirmed though. I could also bring my brother and cousin, so that's 3 more people.

Yeah that would be great. Tongue_out

Edit: Woah, an HMS tournament would be super cool.
Im unsure of a July 11th tournament. Still have to see my schedule. Tennis tournaments could be around that time.

By the way, so far, Smallfry's friend's sister (what a chain) is willing for tournaments. Not on a monthly basis, but every 3-4 months. It's a start, and I asked her to tell friends if she got the chance (she knows some nerds like me who may love it XD). i also have to get an opportunity to check out Ray M. Floors Community Park here in Princeton and See how things could be set up for hosting one. I wouldn't be able to provide stadiums, but maybe with some help of how to do business, I could actually host a tournament for once.

This can be a back of the mind thing. Until I can get enough buzz locally for it, Princeton is out of question.
Ray M. Floors Community Park in Princeton is looking good as an option, but it would most likely have to be earlier starting due to the swampy humid/hot temps there.

I wanna know how many people would be on board for Princeton in the future. It's an hour from Raleigh (going the speed limit at least), 30 minutes from Goldsboro. Would November-December be any option, or should it wait for 2016?
I could get GT for the 11th possibly. Would anyone like that?
Is the zero-g event at gt still on for Saturday June 27th?
(Jun. 25, 2015  3:58 AM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: I could get GT for the 11th possibly. Would anyone like that?

I'm in. I'm 100% going to be in NC that week in July.
I'll have to be last decision. I dont think the parents will like going to Raleigh for 2 straight weekends.
We will be at GT on the 18th. Can't change the date. Would anyone be up for another location perhaps? I could possibly get another store or we could use a park.
The 11th would work out better for me, I don't think I can go the 18th.
Would anyone want to return to Tier Zero one time?
I'll be there on the 18th. Probably can't do the 11th tho.
I'm in for Tier Zero.
Who all could do a Goldsboro or Rolesville event this weekend?
I'm down for Rolesville m8.
Sorry guys can't make it this weekend, gotta go to my grandparents. Wasn't there more interest for an event on the 18th anyway? Why don't we try getting some more people for that event? Or is that event off?
I think the 11th would work out better, at least for me. Also I can't go if we do the 18th. It would be really cool if we could get an event while an out of state blader is here.
I'm in for Goldsboro, not Rolesville.
id be up for tier zero some time later, i got plans this weekend