[New York City, NY, USA] Beysquad 7

my new team[Beysquad 7]is accepting new members. if your a good beyblader,lives in the new york city area, and wants to join, please contact jin360 on WBO.only thing is,we're only accepting 4 people to join or at least 2 so reply to this thread if you want to join. and remember:you have to be a good beyblader and has to live in the nyc area
Ain't that funky now?
well beywarrior897 are you a good beyblader? can you come to the tournament in manhattan?
ok beywarrior897 beysquad 7 wants to test out your skills so be at the tournament in manhattan on the 17th[thats tomorrow!]
alright beywarrior897 prove to us that you are a good beyblader and you're in
Sorry jin360, I have not been on this thread lately. To prove to you that I'm a skilled blader I'll tell you one of my best combos. Earth Wolf H145 WD
beywarrior897 test your skills to us whenever you can
sorry stamina blader we can only accept kids from either ny or nj.new hampshire is kind of 2 far for us
well we'll see monkey man
for those of u who dont know,i moved to nj at least 2 months ago