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~YouTube Channel | Tournament Info~
I'm jblader111, and I create videos on YouTube: unboxings, battles, how-to's, and one of the most popular subjects around the online bey community, Custom Beyblade Tournaments!

You are probably wondering how these work. Let me explain:

I post an entry video, where people post, in the comments, what beyblade combo they want. I give a list of my bey parts in the video. I take 16 entries and put them in the comments.
Then I use random.org to form brackets. Then, I do four rounds, the semi-finals, and the finals. All of the semi-finalist (winners of the four rounds) will earn a spot in a shout-out video at the end.
The round battles are done best 2-out-of-3, the semi-finals and the finals are done best 3-out-of-5. Each bey is spun 100% spin, in a BB-10 and I alternate spinning.

Custom Beyblade Tournament #5 will allow people that haven't entered before to enter before people that have entered before.

If you are still reading, thanks! I hope to see your combo in the next entry video! The link to my channel is under my signature. Thanks!
Really good videos man! Check out my friends channel to, I'll tell him to subscribe! It's: BeyBladeBrothersInc
Nice! Thanks for recommending me. I just ordered a BB-96 Super Bladers Deck and a Takara Tomy VariAres, too.
Keep a look out for the unboxing.