Minecraft Lets Play

Well ive been getting into the video gaming video business (lol) and I've been doing my most recent LP on Minecraft and we've moved on from Averad due to some personal issues so we moved to Hailstorm Gaming.

My LPs are right now on Minecraft and I plan to do tekkit in the near future

I am open to suggestions so i hope you enjoy.

Other Info In my videos
Ok so I finally get a new head set so i can tell you what happend
I do not know why no one caught this before, but this goes in Your Creations, not the Video Game forum, so I'm putting it there.
Well here's episode 3, I don't get much done, its just me chopping wood really.
Heres episode 4 and 5 will be out soon
The end may be a little aquard i'm trying to experement with some new video recording styles