Make Your Own Beyblade Burst Character

Name: Master Wolfenstein
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
What he looks like: has a black hair with red line from the back though the middle and splits at the hairline to the temples with blue a pink robe
Bey(s) Alpha Apocalypse, and Judge Dragon,
Moves: Judgment launch, Dragon claw, omega sabers, alpha reboot, Dragon's Judgment claw, Final Judgment( sync move)
Name: Lucky leper
looks: guy with a green outfit and clover hat
bey: Lucky Leperchaun
Special move: Golden Dash
Ultimate move: Wave of Luck
Name: Kayden Sabio

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5 ‘3”

Birthday: August 20th

Eye color: Black (unless he uses Dark Turbo where it turns red.)

Hair: Blond which goes down to a little above his shoulders.

Aura appearance: Kayden’s aura normally appears yellow but when he taps into his darkness and uses Dark Turbo it turns purely black which also causes his eyes to turn red.

Personality: Kayden is a nice kid who loves motorcycles and being with his friends. He also has a quirk where if he eats a lot he’ll automatically start being sleepy and take a nap for around a hour. Though inside of that smile is a hidden darkness caused by the death of his parents and brother which was then enhanced by the corruption of his bey when watching Phi and Arthur like what happened to Aiga. Due to this there’s always a chance that he won’t be able to control that darkness anymore and it’s let lose which causes Kayden to become basically emotionless and impulsive.

Beyblade: Invincible Karna Zenith Keep (GT Bey)

Layer base: A left spinning layer base that is mainly black but contains three yellow rubber contact points.

GT Chip: A left spinning black chip with a yellow warrior with a spear as the avatar.

Layer Weight: A yellow Gen.

Disc: A black Zenith with the rubber parts being yellow.

Driver: A black Keep with the rubber being yellow.

Special Moves:
Invincible Spin: Using Invincible, Karna is able to absorb attacks from right spinning beys and gain spin off them.

Invincible Slam: Using the extra attack power given by the rubber points on Invincible, Karna is able to slam into the opponents bey causing heavy damage.

Invincible Defense: Using the rubber contacts on Invincible and the burst stoppers from Gen, Karna is able to use that combo to take less damage.

Karna Destruction: When Kayden is consumed by his inner darkness and taps into Dark Turbo Karna turns pure black and goes on a running riot destroying everything that comes in its way.

Clothing: His casual wear contains a white shirt, black pants, blue flip flops, and a black, grey, and white gridded jacket. The uniform he wears when he goes to battle though contains a black buttoned shirt, black pants, grey boots, a grey jacket that is left open, and a white scarf his sister made for him.

I would like to know peoples opinions on this.
Name: Bartholomew "Bart" Anderson

Alias:  The Golden Knight
          Canada's Top Dog

Hair Color: Yellow

Eye color:  Green

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 12th

Age: 12

Beyblade:  Paladin Bellerophon Legacy Razor- 11  

Appearance: Bart has a fair complexion, spiked blond hair, and green eyes. His attire consists of a yellow vest that is worn over an open white hoodie jacket, a yellow shirt with a black Beyblade symbol, turquoise pocketed shorts, long white socks, and yellow and black sneakers. Also, there is a green winged-horse emblem on the back of his vest.

Personality: Even though Bart is a kind and friendly individual, he can be toxic as Blader. For example, Bart would not battle bladers who "bore" him, namely Bladers he defeated with little to no effort or those who seem weak to him. He would even say this to Bladers' faces, showing he can be blunt when he wants to.  He also becomes angry and foul-mouthed when he loses to strong bladers and would go through harsh training just to defeat them in a rematch.

Bart is a huge fan of Valt Aoi and wishes to battle him one day just for fun. In fact, Bart's Bellerophon is inspired by Valt's Valkyrie.

Bart's real name is Bartholomew, a name he is embarrassed by. He hates it when people call him by his real name.
Name:Alex Botoro (weird last name huh)
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Blue
Birthday: October 4 ( wanna guess why I chose that day pretty obvious…)
Beyblade (well he has a line of beys like Valt with Valkyrie)
Single layer: Aries Match Drive (unique name for a driver I know…)
Dual layer: Warrior Aries. Match .Push
God layer: Fierce Aries .Crazy .Crush
Super Z Layer: Power Aires .Apex .Rush
Gt layer: Hero Aires .Swing. Rush Dash .Go (layer weight)
Super king Layer: Sprit Aries .100A. Max
Dynamite Battle Layer: Inferno Aires.Nexus.Twister. 9 (Armor)
Burst Ultimate Layer: Strongest Aires. Match’.Drive Metal.3
Appearance: In first/second season he wore a red shirt shirt sleeved and a little blue jacket (almost like Valt) with the little blue jacket having the letter A. In cho z he wore pretty much the same thing but the red shirt was longer sleeved now. In gt he wore a red hoodie (long sleeved) that had a big letter a on front and a beyblade symbol on back. In sparking he returned to his original design from season 1/2 but he is older ( season 1 he was 10 , 2 he was 11 ,3 he was 12 ,4 he was 13 and ,5 he was 14 and season 6 he was 15 and considering I would put him in the Quadstrike anime so he would be 16 (depending on how much time has taken place anyway). Going back to design for db it would be him wearing a black and red shirt (long sleeved and it would be mostly red with some black lines on side, and he would once again wear the little blue jacket but this time it would be a darker blue (same for Qs).
Personality: He would be mostly friendly but would be very goofy and immature until around season 5 where he would become stronger and would begin to have a more chill personality (not to extent of free but more like shu except less sad). Alex in first 4 seasons goal is to defeat Valt and become the strongest then in season 5 we would learn he is old time friends with Lane and would want to save his friend from the darkness. Season 6 he would despise Bell and create Inferno Aires just t defeat him but at the end of the season he would become friends with bell.  Also he likes noodles ALOT.
So that’s it felt like reviving this thread today also was a little bored so I put on my creative hat. 
Also for any one wondering about hasbro version names of the Aries bey’s it the exact same as the tt ones so no confusion.
Forgot to say he wears black gloves (like Valt)
I enjoyed making Alex so I decided to make another burst character
Name: Pono Thomas
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:Blue
Birthday: January 6
Beyblade line: From Sparking to present
Aqua Padglin. 101B.High Extend Plus
Hydro Padglin. Clutter. Crosser. 0 (Armor)
Appearance: He in sparking has a blue long sleeved shirt that has the letter P on the upper right. In DB he wears the same shirt except he has a mini jacket that’s blue (similar to Alex and Valt). He wouldn’t be in quadstrike.
Personality: He would be one of Alex best modern friends after he was no longer friends with lane and would want to help Alex reach his goal of saving lane from the darknesses. In Db he would be inspired by the dB system and would make Hydro Pandglin for that reason (he would also challenge bell). He is a happy caring blader and he always like making sure his hair looks good (literally all the the time except battle).

Name: Alice Star
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Birthday: June 29
Beyblade: Arise Athena. Change. Pack. 0 (armor)
Align Athena. Match. Fusion/Yard.  13. (Armor)
Story: She appeared in dB to help Alex defeat Bell and she would want to help Alex because she wanted to get closer to him to become stronger. But she eventually helps Alex change his mind on Bell. She returns in quadstrike being a long time old friend with Quadra and Pax.  She also would get a hasbro exclusive evolution for Athena called Align Athena which use fire elemental power betraying Alex until end of season where she is friends with Alex again. (And maybe something more 😏)
Personality: Chill caring (until season 7) and determined.
Appearance: She wears a short sleeved purple shirt and puts a long sleeved white zip up jacket which she puts the zipper halfway with one side of the jacket fully on while other side it’s halfway down. In. Quadstrike she wears a purple singlet that has a beyblade logo on it and she wears the same white jacket this time being barely zipped and the left side being fully up with right being down.
Name: Ugaria Ferro
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 10
Beyblade: Perfect Urania. Shine. Twist. 17
Appearance: She wears a short sleeved yellow shirt and wears a long sleeved Button up Gold jacket.
Personality: She is someone who doesn’t believe in bad people and sees good in everyone including bladers. She also always tries to look good and make it seem like her life is perfect (even though she does have insincerity's).
Moves: Perfect Slash, Perfect Dive, Perfect Burst.
Name: Henry Graham
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 137 Ibs
Birthday: October 12th
Appearance: Henry has black hair and blue eyes. His casual outfit consists of a white t shirt, orange and black jacket, green pants with a brown belt, and brown sneakers. His blading outfit though consists of a blue t shirt under an orange jumpsuit which has a blue long piece of cloth tied at the waste and blue boots.
Personality: Henry is a nice kid who grew up with his grandpa due to the death of his father and mother. Henry's goal is to become the strongest blader and to complete that goal he'll usually be seen training. He also has a great group of friends that he trains and hangs out with due to their common goal of wanting to be the strongest.
Bey: Entry Hanuman, 1B, Rise.
Parts explained:
Entry: A orange right spinning ring that's fully round but contains three blue blades that can extend like Ragnaruk.
Hanuman: A orange right spinning chip which has Hanuman in the center with his legs crossed and his right hand up while his left hand holds a mallet. Hanuman's entire skin is yellow which when Henry uses his resonance the yellow from Hanuman will spread, covering the entire bey like gold turbo. Hanuman's mallet is also blue and the crown he wears also being blue and the cloth at his waste also being blue. Though he has an orange bracelet on his left wrist.
1B: A normal blue 1B.
Rise: A normal orange Rise.
Aura: Yellow and like Aiga, Henry's hair will rise upward but unlike Aiga the hair will glow yellow.
Special Moves:
Entry Whirlwind: When rotating at high speeds, Hanuman is able to release the rings out from Entry and use the wings to generate an upward force similarly to a tornado.
Whirlwind Release: When Hanuman is at even higher speeds compared to what is needed for Entry Whirlwind, Hanuman is able to release the wings on Entry and push the wind around it back causing any other bey in the arena to be hit by a gush of wind.
Entry Counter: If attacked Hanuman is able to lean onto the Rise driver and drift in a circle around the stadium gaining speed and power till it hits its opponents bey.
Entry Barrier: When rotating at high speeds, Hanuman is able to release the wings on Entry and create a barrier of wind that surrounds Hanuman and creates a defense that possibly no bey can get past.
My character: Xander Aoi

Bey: Rust Valkyrie (Attack type)
A blue and gold color scheme  faster than every other beyblade
White aura golden amour,sword
Beyblade is fun and i thought about a character a long time ago so here it is

Blader: Orose Zetra

Beyblade: Gravity Force Phoenix

This beyblade is really heavy, its a balance type that switches from a ultimate defense type with extreme stamina to an attack type with heavy hits, its forge disc and chassi, creat a down wind that is absorbed by the tip, which locks the beyblade to the center of the stadium or creates enough downforce to zoom the beyblade around the stadium at lightning speed, it hits hard and defends hard.

It has 2 special abilities, the first beind Gravity Force Defense, where it deflects all hit and then zooms up a lot like wyvrons shield crash but it swings extremely fast and hard bursting the opponent sometimes, the second one is gravitational rebound, it either flies off the wall of the stadium into the air like garudas down crush, it crashes on top of the beyblade and burst it or, it goes around the stadium at lightning speed creating a vortex, similar to valts flash launch, but it crashes into the bey knocking it out or bursting it, with extreme power.
Blader: Benji Hiro
Hair Color: Yellow(Base)Green(Tips)
Eye Color: Green
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 4th
Beyblades: Heroic Bellerophon(Destroyed) Omega

No matter what I will defeat you Aiga Akaba
-While going against aiga akaba during the Densetsu Cup-

You help me this far now I can't let you down valt
-during the tag team festival-