MFB Episode 20: Begin! The Survival Battle - 08/16/09 JPN / 08/29/10 USA

Yeah... or was it done to make Daidouji look cool or something. haha err. Tired

I still want it. :\ but it would be better if there was the purple aura coming from it. Pinching_eyes_2 lol but i doubt it. T3T lol
Think of a way to make those purple auras and sell it, you'd make a fortune XD
Joyful_2 i would... I wanna so try it. but I'd FAIL.! miserably. XD Ahaha.

EDIT: And Red Aura.. that'd be awesome. Pinching_eyes_2
Dub discussion for this episode starts here.
Oh man, Blader DJ has a weird voice. It's so flat.
Hey, hey, hey that's the instrumental version of the JP opening in the background!
Oh gosh, it's "Blader's Kingdom".
Yeah, that's not saying much Blader DJ, most of those Beyblades look like the Light Wheels. You can probably beat 100 of those with Dark Wolf.