MF Gravity Perseus TH170W2D

First off, a quick explanation of the parts:

MF - I don't have a useable MF-H at the moment, but I'm sure MF-H would help a bit.

Gravity Perseus: I tried many other left spin wheels (what I have at least) which were Variares, which had too much recoil, LLD, MLD, and L-Drago Destructor, but none of them worked. So, obviously my next choice was Gravity Perseus, my last one that could spin left. To my surprise, it worked relatively well. Against 230 height based Zero-G attackers in right spin, Gravity at TH170 height can just somehow deflect the majority of their attacks. Especially at high RPM, which I found to be really interesting. I think Defense Version and Attack Versions of Perseus are best, since they don't cover up the Metal Wheel as much. Stamina Version I would assume points out too much, and creates more recoil (I don't own this Version.)

TH170 - Well, it's a unique height still. It isn't a good weight based part for Defense any longer, but you can't deny that height is great, and the versatility is awesome.

W2D - Upon getting my W2D I instantly wanted to try it out in a Zero-G stadium. In right vs. right spin, it's about as good as WD ; which isn't spectacular, since they get swayed easily. What WD's do do spectacularly in Zero-G stadiums though is remain nearly unaffected by opposite spin attackers. The sharp point on the bottom of W2D is what I prefer over just a regular WD, since it gives it a bit more leeway when being swayed against.

The combos use - Basically to try to counter Zero-G attackers.

Second, conditions:
BBG-03 Zero-G Attack Type Beystadium (on hardwood floor)
Beylauncher for right spin beys (equipped with a Launcher Rubber)
Beylauncher L/R for left spin beys (Hasbro handle)
W2D new

Third, tests:

MF Gravity Perseus (ATK Ver., Defense Mode, Left Spin) TH170W2D vs. Ifraid Ifraid E230 (Normal Mode) GCF
Gravity always launched first.
Detailed Results (Click to View)
GP: 13 (9 OS, 4 KO)
II: 7 (0 OS, 7 KO)
Gravity Win %: 65.0%
Ifraid Win %: 35.0%

This is pretty easy to explain. If Ifraid got a solid hit on Gravity, it went out usually, if Gravity didn't magically block it like it does a lot. If it kind of hit the side of it, and was doing more swaying than attacking, Gravity would OS it. If Gravity still had a lot of RPM, which most of the time was earlier in the battle, and Ifraid got a good amount of contact, it went flying.

MF Gravity Perseus (ATK Ver., Defense Mode, Left Spin) TH170W2D vs. Ifraid Phoenic ED145GCF
Gravity always launched first.
Detailed Results (Click to View)
GP: 13 (5 OS, 6 KO, 2 ZGA)
IP: 7 (0 OS, 5 KO, 2 ZGA)
Gravity Win %: 65.0%
Ifraid Win %: 35.0%

Not sure how to explain the Zero-G Attacks for Ifraid. A couple of times, the swaying somehow began to take effect, it wasn't because of Ifraid going around at hyperspeed 5 or anything, but I believe it was because Gravity had gotten severely destabilized and stayed in synch in the opposite way (if that makes any sense) and couldn't get stablilized again. The KO's were the same as the first battle, along with the OS.

MF Gravity Perseus (ATK Ver., Defense Mode, Left Spin) TH170W2D vs. MF Flash (Attack Mode) Aquario D:D (S)
Launches alternated. Gravity on odds, Flash on evens.
Detailed Results (Click to View)
GP: 12 (8 OS, 3 KO, 1 ZGA)
FA: 8 (0 OS, 6 KO, 2 ZGA)
Gravity Win %: 60.0%
Flash Win %: 40.0%

The Zero-G Attacks were really interesting in this one and made me realize somehting I hadn't before. No matter the spin direction, S will always have the advantage over D tips if they're up against each other. S will pay the price though, by getting extremely destabilized, and with Gravity being left spin, it would come in around the end of the battle, and OS it by spin equalization. The KO's should be pretty obvious too - just recoil city. That's all those battles were, lol. Put em in the bowl, and they made crazy exploding salad. DELICIOUS.

I don't have 160, SA165, or anything newer than BBG-09, so this is about all I can contribute. :C
If you can contribute, please do! I want to see this tested against MSF-H Revizer Dragooon SA165EWD, but Gravity will have to be in right spin. Thanks, if you can do that.

I'll try to get other heights up.soon on TH170. I haven't really tried any more.
Dual Spin Really is something in Zero-G nice combo, in my point of view it doesn't really like a defense bey to me or anti attack or whatever.

So when it got swayed rarely, (in Opposite spin direction that is) it would OS it's opponenet to win?

Well to me this combo seems like a balace type to be honest, It can Easily Spin Steal/Equalize through Defense through the versatility of spin directiion beat attack, the only problem I might see is BGrin which varies upon mold sometimes.

This is one sweet combo I would help test IF I had a TH170 and a useable string launcher. I want to compare this with LDG and LDD though it will make it less versatil (I know you can't compare with lack of those) man I hate TH170 right now I even have a Stamina Version to compare which I don't think would really do worse, though the reasoning is contradictory.
Yes, it wouldn't keep going around depleting its stamina like WD does most of the time, but because of the sharp tip on W2D, it would come back with a good amount of stamina, and spin equalize to win. Rarely they were ties, but were only flukes.

I don't own a B:D, nor have I ever even used one, so I'm not sure how it would do against this. I'd assume it would beat it easily, since isn't B:D good for killing spin stealers?

Get a TH170 whenever you can, it's still a great part! It's one of my favorite tracks, if not the most.

More tests!

MF Gravity Perseus (ATK Ver., Defense Mode, Left Spin) TH190W2D vs. Ifraid Ifraid E230 (Normal Mode) GCF
Gravity always launched first.
Detailed Results (Click to View)
GP: 8 (5 OS, 3 KO)
II: 12 (1 OS, 11 KO)
Gravity Win %: 40.0%
Ifraid Win %: 60.0%

I had to start these over at like round 10, it went back down to 170, lol.
Definitely not better results. As usual, TH170 proves to be better at 170. The height difference was a big part in this test. TH170 has a lower center of gravity (pun not intended) at 170 than at 190, and that puts Gravity at a disadvantage. One positive thing that I noticed was that W2D handled swaying better at this height.

MF Gravity Perseus (ATK Ver., Defense Mode, Left Spin) TH220W2D vs. Ifraid Ifraid E230 (Normal Mode) GCF
Gravity always launched first.
Detailed Results (Click to View)
GP: 2 (1 OS, 1 KO, 0 ZGA)
II: 8(0 OS, 7 KO, 1 ZGA)
Gravity Win %: 20.0%
Ifraid Win %: 80.0%


That was pathetic to watch, I'm sorry.
I'll do 190 and 220 against the other combos later!