Lucid (M) - Debut Title-

A story I found rooting around at the back of a file from a few months back. I think I did this shortly after seeing Inception - one line intrigued me ("The dream has become their reality"). Again, I've added a lot, taken bits out, etc, etc, etc, for extension. Some day I might do an extended story, but for now I'll stick with this short story instead.







Hope You Enjoyed It. Wink
awesome really good but that guy lucas is crazy
Haha. Yeah, well some people are really like that. My mum had a friend who lived with REM and out of body experiences all her life. She said it was scary sometimes. Maybe when i get right nice and bored i'll write a scary book about it.
Its really good so far! Try using spoilers. I'm pretty sure there is a thread for MyCodes. You can find out how to make spoilers there. Wink
Thanks, but um... thats it. It's just a short story.
yeah but here people make 15 chapter storys
I will make a long series but for now i thought i'd just start with a short one.
You still may want to put it into spoilers and split paragraphs into groups, it makes it much easier.
better and now easier for people
yeah but it was specifically written to be without spoilers...
That was an amazing story!
Jaw-dropping spectacular :o

I cannot believe I missed this. But I'm glad that I read it. The prolougue is exceptional. I can see promise in you, haha. Keep up the good work. You've chosen an appropriate username xD

Mmm, the power of the human mind ...
Thanks guys. Writing a story so dont be alarmed if i dont post for a month
okay sorry for the necro but i will be posting a new story sometime this month!
Can't wait! And get rid of that user title. It should read "Master Author" or something of the sorts.
hahahahaha... okay i will try to post soon.
(Sep. 15, 2012  6:17 AM)beybladefoever Wrote: awesome really good but that guy lucas is crazy
gotta agree but he reminds me of my 3rd cousin