[Lower Saxony, Germany] Blackwater Guardians

Hello World Bladers. My name is Zera (TL14 tSB) and I am the leader of the BlackWater Guardians. We are located in Lower Saxony, Germany (most of us live in the Emsland and Friesland Region). We are a team whose goal is to support each other, spread the love of Beyblade and have a better time.

The members:

Blader: Zera [TurboLibra14 the StardustBlader]
Age: 20 years old
Status: Founder and leader of the Blackwater Guardians
Attribute: Wind&Twilight
Favorite Type: Balance
Current Fun Partner Bey: ChoZ Spriggan 00Cross Xtend+
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: (MLC Full Metal) Quasar Galahad 3Estrella Blend/Ultimate Tachyon Dash
Personality: I am usually very calm and nice and sometimes also a bit childish, but when I get pushed into a corner I can get very serious. I am passionate, honest, determined and my friends mean everything to me.

Blader: DraconicArt
Age: 21 years old
Status: Second in command
Attribute: Metal&Darkness
Favorite Type: Attack
Current Fun Partner Bey: Bloody Longinus 8'Cross Evolution
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Oblivion Manticore 0+Dagger Scream
Personality: He's usually very calm and collected, very competitive and hard training but also very noble and honorful.

Blader: ReijiPSerpent
Age: 19 years old
Status: highly skilled member
Attribute: Ice&Darkness
Favorite Type: Stamina
Current Fun Partner Bey: Hazard Kerbeus 12 Eternal
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Rebellion Nidhogg 12 Eternal
Personality: He's calm and doesn't talk much, but when he talks he is sometimes sarcastic and has a dark humor. His Blading skills are extraordinary.

Blader: Taliyra [Falco276 the NagaBlader]
Age: 22 years old
Status: member, writer
Attribute: Water&Grass
Favorite Type: Attack
Current Fun Partner Bey: Geist Fafnir 7Expand Spiral
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Nexus Thiyamat 7Expand Jolt
Personality: She is a cheerful, happy and welcoming person who can sometimes be very emotional but has a really kind heart. She cares a lot about her friends.

Blader: BalkeshBlader [SatombCrafter]
Age: 19 years old
Status: highly skilled member
Attribute: Thunder&Earth
Favorite Type: Stamina
Current Fun Partner Bey: Arc Balkesh 0Bump Bearing (Original Creator, Dec. 2018)
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Silent Triglav Outer Asteroid
Personality: He is very calm and silent, but when his inner storm gets unleashed nothing can stop his thunder.

Blader: Drago Galaxy
Age: immortal
Status: honorable member
Attribute: Light&Fire
Favorite Type: Ultimate
Current Fun Partner Bey: none
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Ancient Drago Outer Beyond, Flame Drago Outer Space+
Personality: He is a mysterious dragon Blader from Italy. He has shown great power and his true potential has yet to be unleashed. He cares a lot about his friends and always gives his very best in a battle. He is the true King of Dragons.

We are currently 6 members in the Blackwater Guardians BeyClub and always on the lookout for more friendly Bladers to battle against, who want to join our BeyClub and live in Lower Saxony, Germany (Niedersachsen, Deutschland). If you want to join our BeyClub, just meet us at a BeyBlade tournament in the future or message me via Private Message on the WBO.

Sincerely, Zera :)