[London England UK Regents Park] 27/11/10 at 13:30! Tourny & Trades & PRIZES!

Poll: Which Park would you like the meet-up to be in?

Regent's Park
St.James Park
Total: 100% 9 vote(s)
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Place : Regents Park!
Date : 27/11/10
Time : 13:30 PM

Specific area : http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/regents_park/ point 5 on the map : The boathouse cafe.

Handwritten (sort of) Journey helper:
OK heads up guys, you want to be taking the following buses that pass by (or are close): 13, 46, 82, 113, 187. The 13 and 46 are one stop away so walk around the edge of St Johns Wood high street. From here on, you wil lwant to enter the park via the entrance by the mosque. The Mosque is labelled on the linked map added on the OP.

Now train wise, you guys want to get the Jubilee line somewhat and get off at St Johns Wood, or you can get off at Bakers street (Jubilee, metropolitain, bakerloo and some more?). From bakers street station you want to walk down the road on the right of the entrance/exit for 50 metres, cross the small road and enter one of the parks entrances, you can't miss it! At this stage you will be at a duck/swan feeding area and on your immediate right is a big bridge. You want to go the opposite direction so therefore turning right and walking for 2-3 mins to the Boathouse cafe. There are many boats parked here and across the path to this cafe is a kids yellow paddling boat pond.

With this in mind, refer to the regents park map! If your going from BakerStreet station, see point 5 (boathouse cafe) and look the path down is the 2-3 minute walk one! For the Mosque enterers, it's pretty much self explanatory!

There are many sheltering grand trees which block out rain very effectively, so since they are so clustered, there are hardly rain drops that penetrate the branches. If it does rain, we will just find one of these spots.

Phew, got that?

POLL CLOSED : Regents park won by a close vote!
Prizes have been decided so be sure to come and invite as many as possible!

EDIT: TehKevin10 is my co-organiser. If I'm not Online and he is, then all questions should go towards him.

Anyone that isn't familiar with St Johns Wood can arrange a meet up slightly earlier at a spot like a train station with Aron and Kevin!


TehKevin10 (so awesome) + 1 friend + Balance Stadium!
Team Taurus
BladeStorm + Attack stadium (sold)
Soldier Fear + 1 or 2 friends
Gingka's Disciple
(also bring Hasbro stadiums if you don't have TT stadiums, for free play!)
Overall definite attendees : 13/14

Possible Attendees:

ThePokeBlader Retired
that'll be cool and im sorry about that stuff i just got hacked Smile and ill say st.james!
ControL_ Retired
I'm gonna come, guys pick Regents park!!
Oh I'll only be coming if at least like 10 people decide too.
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
People's TehKevin10 will be helping me organise. Anyone with takara tomy and/or hasbro stadiums. BRING THEM!
Red Mockingbird
Don't you mean "27th"?
I would like to attend but i'm at work Unhappy

People might think you're referring to the 21st
Haha I can always change the date if you like... and yes I changed the date to the 27th
Might be able to come although it's very unlikely since i'm only home for a few days and i'll probably have other stuff to do but we'll see.
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Moss-Da-Boss Retired
What park is this at anyway ?
Depends on which park has the the most by saturday (I set the poll to close on saturday).
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Regents park seems to be in the lead. I suggest you all start voting because the poll is gonna close in 15 minutes.
Okay people. Regents Park wins the vote! I would have changed the number of days on the poll but I don't know how Confused.
ControL_ Retired
Guys come along, we will bring some prizes for the small tourny we can hold if you agree to pay like £2 to help pay for the prizes (which TBH is pretty cheap since the chance of you winning this tourny is pretty high in such a small amount of people).

Prizes have been decided pretty much. Also I might not come if the popularity isn't more than 10 people. So guys remember to let other london bladers know!
fabled red yugi Retired
could someone tell me when this is on becausei might be able to come
(Nov. 21, 2010  9:05 PM)red B uk 77 Wrote: could someone tell me when this is on becausei might be able to come

soz cant come
Moss-Da-Boss Retired
I may be coming Smile
ControL_ Retired
That would be an honour Moss, I can finally meet you. Also Moss can you reply to pm plawx if your interested in buying or selling me anything?

Oh I'll post it here :
Selling :
Beylauncher L (meteo)
Beylauncher L (l-drago)
Beylauncher LR (maybe)
launcher grips x 2 (1 x blue, 1 x black)
Dranzer shooter
Metal face 2(remodelling version!)
Light Launchers & TT ripcords x 5
Any hasbro launchers / colours!
Flame Phoenix 135MS (NOT BURN)
Dark Cancer H145 ?

Buying :
Lighting Ldrago (mint)
Earth wheel (molds 1 & 2)
Metal Assist
Rubber Grip mules
D bottom, SD bottom.
Rares & hardtogets!

Chances are there will only be a fraction of this stuff, so I will be offering generously!
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
(Nov. 21, 2010  9:05 PM)red B uk 77 Wrote: could someone tell me when this is on becausei might be able to come
(Nov. 21, 2010  9:05 PM)red B uk 77 Wrote: could someone tell me when this is on becausei might be able to come

soz cant come

Good, one less noob.
Moss-Da-Boss Retired
Kinda cold don't you think Aron101
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
(Nov. 21, 2010  9:13 PM)Moss Wrote: I may be coming Smile

Moss it would be an Honour to have a somalian Bro at my meet-up
(Nov. 21, 2010  9:22 PM)Moss Wrote: Kinda cold don't you think Aron101

That's why I posted it Grin
Moss-Da-Boss Retired
Can I ask what stadiums will we be using?

ControL_ Retired
Will meet up with anyone, since I am meeting up with Ahmed early anyway. As long as ahmed is committed, I sure am.

Will be bringing BB-43 Standard/Balance stadium.
Moss-Da-Boss Retired
Fair Enough what time will you two be meeting because I don't wanna get lost haah
ControL_ Retired
@ Moss, meet us at like 11:45 ish at St Johns Wood station?

Update : MEETUP AT ~12:30 NOON!
Moss can you meet up at Swiss Cottage Tube station / St Johns wood station? Since me and Ahmed will be passing there.
First we gotta find a suitable spot.
Guys : http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/regents_park/
Point 5 on the map / Boathouse cafe will be the meet up at 12:30
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Check the OP people ^-^
I'll take that Beylauncher LR for £12 Kev!
ControL_ Retired
Going offline, ahmed is in charge now! I am constantly active by iphone thow, so expect me checking often!