Kai and Dranzer

I was told to put this here, so do not shame me please lol

Wtf is with Kai and Dranzer? Kai dies and so does Dranzer, and yet they magicaly return back to life? and plus Dranzer EXPLODED! and he just waltzes right back into the plot! talk about your over exagerated character shields.. can someone explain IN DETAIL how this came to be? (describe circumstances of this situation please) also, link(s) to any and all episodes related to kai and dranzer's death/rebirth are appreciated. After about 2 yrs, Youtube deletes everything and google gives me nothing
It happened in episode forty-eight from what I remember.

There is really no clear explanation : people just speculate.
That corridor scene with Kai was one of the show's best moments.
i really do like that scene. this is what sets regular beyblade apart from the MFB anime. Regular anime will always be much better.

ty kai-V
dranzer a phoenix and phoenix's are reborn form their ashes so wean dranzer was reborn so was kai with make's dranzer a female bitbeast the only way i know this is i like myths ' legends and suffs like that and history too fabiles http://www.mythicalrealm.com/creatures/phoenix.html