How to join world championships??

Hey bladers! I’ve been blading for about 3 years now, and I’d say I’m pretty good. That’s why I was wondering if anyone knows anything about how I could join the 2022 world championships. I look forward to seeing you all in the ring!
We haven't had anything resembling a world championship in 2020 and 2021 for obvious pandemic reasons. It's probably not a good idea in 2022 either. That said, there are local tournaments, so just keep an eye on the available tournaments and go to one. What region are you in?
Ah man. Guess in the meantime I’ll just try to climb the rankings. I’m in the eastern region

Ah man that sucks. Guess in the meantime I can try to climb the rankings. I’m in the eastern region so I’m not sure how many tournaments I can find though…
Let me rephrase that: what country or state are you near?
Oh my bad. Virginia. Haven’t found many tournaments lately.
There was one four days ago in Silver Springs Maryland, right near DC and the Virginia border. There have been A LOT of them in Maryland over the past year. There have been a couple in Northern Virginia in the past few months. What is the nearest large city in Virginia? Because unless it's way far south, there have been a ton of tournaments and they were mere weeks ago.
Washington is pretty close

I’ve been keeping an eye out because I went to a tournament in Florida and actually did pretty good

But anyways thank you for letting me know about the championships! I’ll watch out for tournaments around here. Maybe one day we’ll go head to head!