How can I get access to the Beyblade Burst OST of the 2 seasons? Anyone got links?

Hey everyone, this is HDSachaNewLive and this is my first thread! (When i say I would like the ost of the 2 seasons I want the OST of the first and second season(Burst and Evolution)).

I am currently looking for the Soundtrack of the first and second season of the beyblade burst anime (SEASON 1 and SEASON 2 (Evolution/GOD)). If anyone could send me some links I could use, that would be very grateful (Send mediafire links or Google Drive links if you can). If you can't give any links, you can still send me the names of the musics/albums/artists if you have them. Thanks for reading!
Any answer is appreciated!

Edit: There is one song I really really want to get in the second season and it plays in Episode 12: The Return of Doomscizor! when Valt fights Shasa and in Episode 50: Breaking Point! Bursting Through! where Free and Valt fight at beginning of the episode. I hope you understood me well.