New astal spriggan with hello kiity prototype 
Relese date- September 2022

👆Image link👆
First of all. I don’t even think we’ve been given a Release Date as far as I know and you’re supposed to post this in Beyblade Products so the staff can look over this and see if it is worth making a thread about it and we barely know anything about it yet. All we know that is is a Custom Dual Spinning Core and has the Astral Blade which I don’t think is enough information to actually make a thread since this is essentially like making a thread for Xcalibur after we only have very limited knowledge. I personally think you shouldn’t make these product threads and wait for someone more experienced to handle this stuff no offense. You don’t need to make every Product Thread, just wait for someone to come in and do it since this shouldn’t have a thread yet I feel like