Hasbro's Beyblade Burst – Out in Canada and Australia, international launch 2017

(Sep. 15, 2019  9:04 PM)JoMario67 Wrote: I just wanted to clear something up about Hasbro's Cho-Z awakening beys. The burst stoppers actually work, just not as good as TT's. Many people are saying they don't work because when one of these beys bursts, they see a burst stopper still activated. However,  because it's so easy to activate the Wings that when it bursts and the layer us still spinning the Wings pop out again. It is impossible for a disk to slide through the gap between the burst stopper and the layer.

This started happening with my 超S because I think the Burst Stoppers got worn down or the locking mechanism got worn down enough to release the Driver while the Disk is touching the Stopper, so maybe the Hasbro Burst Stoppers are too small.
On Target.com, I found the Championship Clash Set, and it says shipping is available on October 6!  Also, this image looks cool, and gives a better look at the stadium.

[Image: SB_5A189659-190821_1566420936892?wid=110...p;fmt=webp]
Stadium has one rail, 3 speed cradles (1 big, two small) and a raised slope on the other left side.  I think you can put the layers on the corners where there are little nubs to fit in the slopes of the bey.  Also, Achilles looks a lot more black in this product image compared to others, and Roktavor as well (it looked more gray before).  Phoenix looks more red than orange, but yeah that's pretty much it.  Also, hooray for Hasbro as this is one of Target's Top Toy's, as it is in that section.  Forgot to mention, this looks like it's going to be a Target exclusive set.

Just saw this as well, there's a Beyblade version of the Pop'N'Race game by Goliath.
[Image: 9Lkc6bpb?format=jpg&name=600x314]
Is it just me or are most of the Hasbro 2-Packs kind of not worth it? It's like they take the worst Dual Layers, recolor them, and put them on bad drivers, and then the main star bey of the set is usually not that exciting.

I can totally see stuff like Sea-X Horusood H4 (The Dual Layer) 2 Edge in the Hypersphere Double Packs.

I would buy a Dual Pack but I don't see any value in any of the parts in most of them. Oh yes, another 6 disc and another Accel or Fusion, just what I needed.
To be honest, Hasbeys' dual pack stopped being worth getting since turbo beys (unfortunately) started to overpopulate all the shelves they could.