Hasbro's Beyblade Burst – Out in Canada and Australia, international launch 2017

How do I post a pic or video without the link
(Yesterday  11:50 PM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: How do I post a pic or video without the link

You can't. The link is needed. To have it show the pic/video instead of the link would be to press the button next to post reply to get into preview post, then click the button that looks like a photo and paste the link into the box to post a photo, or click the button next to the button that looks like an emoticon and put the appropriate link in the box to post a video. I hope I clarified what to do clearly.
(Yesterday  7:17 PM)originalzankye Wrote: Here's Salamander S4! Slopes are decent and overall Beyblade is pretty cool, I'm really liking Hasbro's version of Operate.

The fact that Salamander S4 didn’t jump as high as Hell Salamander.12.Op... It’s just, I’m starting to get a little more disappointed the more Beyblades Hasbro creates.

I just wish Hasbro could do more than just create unviable gimmicks to the beyblades and their performance tips.

Well, yeah they got Operate right, but I didn’t see a significant amount of difference between the Defense and Attack modes.

But maybe it’s just the weight of the Layer, but you never know. With varying tests of differentiation’s of weight, launch speed and angle, it could jump as much as Tomy’s Operate.