Hasbro's Beyblade Burst – Out in Canada and Australia, international launch 2017

I saw the new hasbro parts names. My reaction was the JJJ meme.
Also if Rumble is brown, what colour is Frenzy? 
3 QS beys we managed to get
Komet Helios H8 and Tidal Pandora Epic P8 product images if anyone wanted to see them.
Hey Guys, check out the official product images of Stellar Hyperion H8, hope you all like it as a starter pack?

[Image: 334257682_718394816651811_61401943370484...e=640235CA]

[Image: 334234679_215979990937212_23303098260754...e=640299AF]

[Image: 334238627_238984981888423_35023979425088...e=6402DC42]

[Image: 332692579_924062468779222_88969014423132...e=6402E405]

[Image: 334267404_1678318825915826_4615481550622...e=64020C66]

[Image: 334132377_875464513713297_59338056843682...e=6403D16F]

Yo follow Beybladers check out, this 2 pack official Product images of both Divine Xcalius X8 & Ultimate Evo Valtryek V8 in Beyblade Burst Quad Strike series.

[Image: 334125048_589898883014875_48129475693653...e=6402AC73]

[Image: 334135398_907110960636096_46422071993339...e=6402149D]

[Image: 334243542_504310948345615_42843712493775...e=64022281]

[Image: 334253122_324775339883888_84033579302770...e=640297C3]
Whirl Knight K8 product images for those who wanted to see them.
The TT thread is gone, but Burst won't be truly gone until Hasbro finishes QuadStrike.

Maybe the two threads should be renamed so it's more clear retroactively, when people revisit these threads in the future.
app update new names for the bey parts
(Feb. 12, 2023  2:13 AM)NoNotYou Wrote: Holy carp some of those names are so bad it's funny. But hey, we finally know magma ifrit's full combo and what Fq/Qq/Sq mean, now I just need confirmation the variable attachment is called variable and I can be content.

Variable attachment is called Rampage for some reason.

I guess I technically did get confirmation.