Hasbro | Beyblade Burst Championship Clash Battleset!


A set that comes with six Hasbro Beyblades. Dread Phoenix, Air Knight, Wonder Valtryek, Turbo Achilles, Geist Fafnir and Crash Roktavor,
this set will be released starting around September 4, 2019. The stadium is a Rail Rush but recolored to gray and more spaces on the opposite side.
You can purchase or buy this battleset when it's released at Target, Walmart, BestBuy, GameStop and other toy stores that sells Beyblade. You may
look at the preview of the box before buying, the price starts at 69.99$ - 79.99$.

Click the link to look at the box preview: https://ibb.co/LgnC2B6

What you should receive after buying the set:
- Clash Battle Stadium / Arena
- Six Hasbro Turbo Beyblades
- Instruction Card

Thanks for taking a look at the new set preview!
It was released, no body talks about it anymore... Unhappy
Cant wait for it the rocktavor, achilieves and valtriak are the only let down

The only good cho z thing is 00 and dimenshion