Guida Riconoscimento BeyBlade Non Originali

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Grazie BrokWine per questa traduzione!

In attesa del ripristino della traduzione:
(Oct. 22, 2009  8:34 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: A few people round here, some who are new to the forum, and others who aren't have had trouble with a few issues.
Two of these are fakes, and finding information.
Hopefully this will be a helpful guide to everyone who's either new or confused.

1) Fakes
[Image: fakesguide.png]
(Hasbro is also another official company, of course!)
[Image: realorfaketest.png]

2) Searching
[Image: searchguide.png]

Di seguito una lista delle principali aziende che falsificano beyblade:
  • TT Hongli
  • Rapidity
  • Tisey
  • GG
  • CC
  • MDX
  • Lian Fa Toys (aka Tornado Speed Top)
  • PK
  • BAM
  • CC Toys
  • Super Combat Gyro
  • Hurricane Metal Battle
  • Clash! Beyond Metal Fusion
  • BeyPro
  • Master Beyblade Fury!
  • Dollarama

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