Favorite beyblade to use from Beyblade Burst/Beyblade Burst Evolution

My favorite beyblade to use is Victory Valtryek because in Beyblade Burst, Valtryek was able to beat strong bladers and two of the Supreme Four and they were Xander Shakadera and Zac the Sunrise. In the National's, Valt and Valtryek almost beat Lui Shirasagi and his bey Lost Lunior. This is why Valtryek is my favorite beyblade.
My favorite bey to use is King Kerbeus, because it has impeccable defense, and can deliver a really tough blow if need to be!
Valtryek has a strong attack and quick agility
My favorite duel layer beyblade to use is beast behemoth, because it's pretty good. My favorite god beyblade is galaxy zeus because it is really awesome for stamina.
My favorite god beyblade is Genesis Valtryek!
My favorite bey is Spriggan and my favorite God bey is Mr. Spriggan and maybe Sr. Spriggan when it comes out
Hey shu long time no see! And my favorite is drain fafnir my second is spriggan
mine is deep chaos because of his layer and the bearings
Drain Fafnir.
Gaianon G2 Quarter Fusion is my favorite Bey because of its Swing Counter.
my fav. layer for stamina is gZ since it isn't bad for burst resistance either. Sieg is my favorite attack type, along with Legend Spriggan (ik it is balance but it killed everything in the anime before Lui came along, lol)
Originally, my favorite was Valtryek Spread Survive, as it was pretty decent in what it could do; I actually preferred it as my Single Layer System iteration of Valkyrie/Valtryek (I'm getting better at using the American names...) over the stock Valtryek Wing Accel.

For Dual Layers, I'm still on the hunt, as I don't have much...Dark Doomscizor seems okay, but I don't really have anything that decent to pair it with...and I have no intention of using Victory Valtryek like that, as we got the craptastic super-fragile first mold instead of one of the reinforced versions that Takara would later make, and I'd rather not have that joint break on me.

Among the God Layer peeps, Legend Spriggan is the King of Fighters...for now. It did fairly well in tests against my Hasbro Burst blades, losing only to Spryzen Heavy Defense & Horusood Spread Edge.
my favorite bey to use right now is definitely twin Nemesis, but nightmare Longinus is a close second!
Sieg Excalibur?

My runner ups are Evipero,Neptrious/Neptune and Zeus.