Favorite Beyblade burst "god abilities"

Just for people to share their Favorite God ability's mine is definitely the kreis satan roller gimmick [although it doesn't serve its purpose in real life i still think its looks cool when acting up in the anime].
Sieg Xcalibur's Metal. Simple but brutally effective.
Alter Chronos' Balance. Actually works and is fun to mess with
Drain Fafnir's Rubber. Same as Sieg Xcalibur
My favorite is personally tornado wyverns.
Since no one mentioned this...

I like how the spring helps to absorb the recoil from smash attacks so I don't burst while my enemies still get damaged Grin
My favourite God Abilities are:

Kreis Satan (Rollers): I love roller gimmicks in general and while it's not useful, it's cool to play with and cool in the anime, especially when it avoided a lot of sX hits. It's simple but it's awesome.
Drain Fafnir (Spin Absorption): I think this god ability is simple but it works, and in the anime it looks so awesome and I love that they decided to make it a stamina type gimmick. My only gripe is that I don't think the rubber does as much and it's more of the shape but I still think it's pretty fun to try and spin steal even if that doesn't really work.
Tornado Wyvern (Free Spin): I was actually thinking the free spin gimmick would make it really resistant to burst but it didn't. Despite this I love the gimmick, it looks fun to play with too.
Guardian Kerbeus (Barrier): I know a lot of people didn't see this gimmick as doing anything but I find it sort of helps with burst resistance. It forms a soft flexible wall around it and it's just fun to feel the flexible walls. The gimmick is pretty unique.
Maximum Garuda (Width Glide): Maximum Garuda may be the only layer not to use any moving or mode changing parts for it's god ability, but it keeps it nice and simple and it's so effective. The width just makes this beyblade rather unique and I love it. I loved Trypio and I love his even more.

Runners up are Killer Deathscyther, God Valkyrie, Nightmare Longinus (may be on my list soon), Sieg Xcalibur.
My favorite is Legend Spryzen's L/R spin by Takara Tomy. It is very useful in battle.
I think that duo Aeclipse is cool with it being the combined form of Duo Apollo and Artemis.
Twin Nemesis and Blast Jinnius.

Both of these layers had gimmicks working around a central cylinder. On top of that, they're both relatively symmetrical. Even though Jinnius isn't that great, it's fun to mess around with.
Most likely Arc Bahamut because of the teeth clicking back into place during certain battles.
kind of related, i never understood sX's god ability.
i mean, metal?? L2 has metal too

but anyway, my favourite has to be nL, like it's so cool man !!
Gotta go with Drain Fafnir, and then Nightmare Longinus.
Spriggan Requiem: Dual Spin ,Rubber
Maximum Garuda : Super Wide