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So, a lot of you might have seen my post about F:D in the parts/combo requests thread. I said that in my past experience with it I found it to be really good. Well, since I have a lot more top tier parts now, I decided to test it. Unfortunately, it didn't do to great. So, in Zero-G, I guess F:D is decent because it can beat some tier two and three combos, but it isn't as good as I originally thought it was. Anyways, here are all my tests. MSF-H Gryph Balro E230(Lower Mode)GCF vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Balro:15 Wins(All 0GKO)
Diablo:5 Wins(3 OS,2 0GKO)

MF-F Phantom Gasher B:D vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Phantom:10 Wins(9 OS,1 0GKO)
Diablo:10 Wins(8 KO,1 0GKO,1 OS)

MF-F Phantom Gasher W145 WD vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Phantom:3 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:17 Wins(9 0GKO,7 KO,1 OS)

MSF-H Revizer Revizer E230 ES vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Revizer:15 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:5 Wins(All OS)
It looks like FGrin has some potential in Zero-G.I will try to get some tests later.Nice tests too!
Could you test L-Drago Destroy F:d against _______Dragooon BGrin?
F: D seems to have a lot of potential in Zero-G,especially,it's gimmick,as it can attack all of a sudden.
can you test these
Dragooon/Revizer/Killerken Dragooon F: D
Phantom Cancer F: D
Duo Cancer F: D
Basalt Aquario F: D
I kinda advise that F:D can break easily in Zero G. Even tho it has a good gimmick
I am actually quite impressed with how FGrin performs on a Zero-G stadium!

My tests:
3 Segment Grip
Beylauncher LR
Zero-G Stadium

NOTE: I used Synchrome because I thought it would make it a bit better. I also did 10-15 rounds.

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs E230CF

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-H Death Aquario E230CS

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-F Phantom Bull BGrin

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-F Phantom Bull W145EWD

EDIT: My 400th post!
Can someone test Saramanda Saramanda FGrin? (I think we have enough benchmark for this lol) I know it's not top tier, but well... I will have 4 Saramandas in 3 to 4 weeks (I have 3 and I will order the 2 Ultimate Synchrom sets the 2nd or 3th of February) I will use 2 to make Saramanda Saramanda SA165SB And 2 for this combo!
Finally a use for my FGrin!!!

So does it work best with Attack synchromes, or just Diablo?
can someone test with blitz? i think its a good combo
what about MSF-H Kraken (Hasbro) Dragooon FGrin I think thats a great combo both in bb10 and zero-g can someone test please
Why does the Kilkerken have to be Hasbro?

Do you have any reason to suggest this combo to be tested, other than baseless speculation?
was just a thought

and no reason
I kinda like it, killerken dragooon vs. orojya genbull sr200 tb

kd wins (3 KO, 6 OS)
og wins(1 Self-KO)

3 ties redone

I know i was suppose to do 20 but its late.

At first, it destablizes, then butsts with attack, to ko it, or spin equalize the unbalanced opponent.
Why attempt 10(technically 13) test battles, knowing that 20 is required to be considered for reference? Seems like a waste of time, just thought I would point that out.

Anyway, kind of random as ShinobuXD said, but it could possibly show some promise if the proper tests are done that is.
I can do 10 more tomorrow, but i was just throwing it out there.
my final drive broke when my diablo nemesis hit it and now it goes in and out of final drive
so what you are saying is......good combo?

could you see this combo being top tier? When i was playing with the combo i saw the same thing. A great LAD/spin stealer bey with defense/attack but against attacking beys it may be weak untill FGrin kicks in
I tested FGrin on Dragooon when I was making this thread. It really wasn't all that great.(which is why I posted tests on Diablo)
Well i have no problems with that combo other then going up against BGrin and I removed the MSF so the weight don't slow down the bey but I have no problems

But I think we all can say that f:d works better on a left spin
I find that f:d in the zero g stadium sucks. The prongs that come out of the f:d scrape the stadium which causes the bey to lose stamina. UnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy
I've used F:D in a zero g stadium it works well for me just maybe a Synchrome will over weight it and lose stamina so 4d systems would probably work ive used Big Bang and it gets many knock outs

Stadium:Moded (balanced) samurai cyclone stadium (metal bolts were to even out the pockets and the opposite side)