Essential zero g beys

Hey all, so i kinda stopped buying mfb when zero g came out. Im aware that im very very late to the party, but can u guys sugggest some competitive must haves from zero g?

I collected most of the mfb with good parts upto and including 4d.
Depends on your budget but listing all important things
BBG24 and 25 sets (it contains very powerful parts such as Balro, Wyvang, E230, and more) (if possible getting 2 of each would allow you to make sevaral top-tier perfect scynchrome but 1 of each is fine too)
Ronin Dragoon (most important ZRG to get)
Bandit Genbu (full of useful parts)
Samurai Pegasis
Galadiator Bahamadia (not most IMP but pretty to have)
Metal Stone Faces
Thanks firefire Smile any idea what the prices would be like for these ?
(Oct. 04, 2017  4:36 AM)Spartan117 Wrote: Thanks firefire Smile any idea what the prices would be like for these ?

bbg 24/25 sets:- 30-40$ each. I would say wait a bit till good deal pops up on ebay and/or try cost cutting method such as ordering without box (and use smaller box instead) and use cheapest method avalable.
Ronin Dragoon:- 10-15$
Samurai Pegasis:- 15$
Gladiator Bahamadia:- 6-10$
Metal Stone Face:- 5-7$
Bandid Genbu:- 20$ (I would say get full rbv set for 30-40$ and you can get 2 genbus and 6 other beys)
The bbg 24 and 25 are now .. 50 dollars and 38 dollars respectively
All other beys are also 2 dollars approx more now .
Balro, genbu, wyvang, dark knight dragoon
Tier 1: Dragooon, Wyvang, Girago, Genbull, Balro

Tier 2: Revizer, Killerken, Bahamdia, Begirados, Gryph

Tier 3: Saramanda, Gargoyle, Phoenic, Ifrit, Pegasis

Lowest Tier: Oroija, Goreim,