December 2011 Giveaway: BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D - Passport Holders Only

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JAM20100511 Retired
Happy New Year to everyone! I'd like to enter this contest, though it's already January 1st for me!
Ziro Retired
Enter me in please.
howdodelete Retired
I will not win.
I know it.
BladerNerd Retired
360jigsaw Retired
enter me!!!
Dan Retired
Uwik Retired
Happy New Year 2012 everybody!!
Daegor42 Retired
N0$killBl@der Retired
DIABLO NEMESIS!!! an interesting new year present............ENTER ME IN!!
RowDog Retired
Just coz I can Cute
Enter me please.

Thanks everybody and happy new year!!!

Salute. Wink
It's on!
Chups Retired
sometimes suck beyblades win
Bey Ninja 14x Retired
Enter me please kind sir
Saint Retired
'I HAVE THE POWER'....... He-Man lool

enter me Smile
Enzoxs Retired
BladingSpirit5 Retired
YES ! I thought I was too late for this, but I'm not ! Enter Me
enter me please thanks
shadow196 Retired
enter me
*Converse* Retired
First time at a giveaway so uhh.. Enter me
fast(fadhy) Retired
Happy new year 2012 to everybody,,enter me in,,,
BeyDestroyer21 Retired
Happy new year!!! count me in!
Burn Leon Retired
count me in
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