[Buying]  sonokong or takara tomy beyblades new in box.

Post here if you have it
hmmmm best price ull get is from dimsum, 9.99gbp.
im getting a sonokong one, so sorry..
I think you should be more specific on what you are looking for ...
any beyblade really
@ glinny,

you are going to get sono kong beys really cheaper on ebay & for the recent beys i prefer sono kong as they give light launcher 2 & snipe launchers

Basssalt Horongium sonokong comes with a snipe launcher & Dimsum2u will only sell TT , i think AkiraDaddy sells sonokong so please ask him

hope this helps

Best Regards ,

I sell sonokong and tt I can get you a sonokong basalt horogium if you like.
If you're in the UK i have
x1 Basalt horogium
x1 Killer Beafowl
x1 hell kerbecs.

PM and we can discuss anything else you need. Smile
sorry but im in aus