[Buying]  Buying RF;s need 2

I rely need 2 I 'm thinking 2.50 or 5 USD for 2
Lol. I dont know about anyone else but I definitely wouldnt sellmy RF's for that price.
When we went and bought Storm Peg for 15$
Excuse me but Rf's aren't that cheap. They at least have to be sold for $4 for a new one. I can sell you two new rf's for $8 for both of them or I can sell you 2 r2f's for the same price as an rf. Honestly, do you know how much a rf is worth? And remember my price is for a new rf.
(Feb. 28, 2011  12:48 PM)kaihitwari Wrote: i want 2 rubber flat tips.
$8 from me for two they are new or get 2 rf2's for $8 as well