[Buying]  Buying Cyber pegasis 100 HF Takara version [MINT]

Hello looking for a Cyber Pegasis 100 HF Takara version. Must be MINT!!

Pm me if you have one for sale Smile

No ebay links please.[/align]
Thank you.

Beybladeking 24
When you want to buy something new, don't start a new thread but update your previous ones. This is the last one you can make; I've closed the others.
Looking for a Dragoon Ms, if you have one, pm me please!

Beybladeking 24
I think a few of our Members have one for sale right now, but you could also use a middleman service and get one on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for quite a decent price.
I know, thanks Kai-V. Already have send a PM to a member here.
Got a Dragoon Ms, Now looking for a Cyber Pegasis 100 HF Takara version, MINT!!