[Buying]  Beyblades and parts

Hi all, im from australia and here they dont really have any beyblades anywhere for sale, im looking for some beyblades that im interested in that are in good condition. Help like links of the beys sold cheap are helful too. Heres a list of beys and parts...



Dark dranzer
Dark driger
Dranzer g (red ver)
Frostic dranzer
dragoon gt
dranzer GT

DRAGOON S BLACK (below $30 AU dollars)

advance averazer
advance striker
jiraiya ms
dragoon mf

neo left RC

any HMS running cores with a metal tip. (Not including sea dragon and DJ RC)

This is it for now, this isnt for serious just things i like for fun and what i use to have before they were stolen or broken Smile

Thanks again!
I have a Dark Dranzer I can sell you.
Parts i will need:

Ten heavy weight disk
Heavy metal core
Hi, I've added some cheap HMS stuff in my selling thread.
I've got everything on your list (except red Dranzer G) at the moment - all are NIB except for galeon 2, frostic Dranzer (mint) & Dranzer gt (used). PM me to discuss further if interested.

Also looking for:

Dranzer v2 (under $60 near mint)
Dranzer gt (near mint)

Any coloured weight disks-

Meal heavy core, (like metal driger's core)

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Took out some beys already recieved.

Looking for coloured weight disks
And GT beys
Bump BUMP!

Mainly looking for coloured weight disks, heavy metal core (metal driger)
And GT beys that can beat $120 with good condition stickers.