Burst Classic Testing and Discussion

(Mar. 07, 2019  11:09 PM)lilphilyb Wrote: No i mean Hasbro D2.

Hasbro D2 isn’t very good though...
(Mar. 07, 2019  11:08 PM)Armor Wrote:
(Mar. 07, 2019  11:01 PM)lilphilyb Wrote: Can you test D2.G.P?

If you mean Dark Deathscyther, I think it’s banned.
Probably doomscisor D2
Here's the first part of the Burst Classic testing I did for the 6 Hasbro Exclusive Dual Layers (Diomedes D2, Hyrus H2, Istros I2, Orpheus O2, Surtr S2, and Tyros T2). I just did a Gravity Orbit mirror match to see how all 6 Layers do against each other.

Just like in previous testing, to find out where each Layer ranked, I gave each Layer a +1 whenever it had a win rate greater than 50% against another Layer, a -1 whenever it had a win rate less than 50% against another Layer, and 0 when both of the Layers' win rates were 50%.

Now, I'll talk about each Layer. The percentage shown is the likelihood of that Layer winning in that matchup. And their record is organized as Wins-Losses-Draws.

Layer Discussions (Click to View)

Next up, I'm going to say which Layer or Layers is the best to use against each Layer.

Best Layer Matchups (Click to View)

Next up, I'll be testing how all 6 of these Layers fare against Attack.