Brad Best voice actor, Mark Dailey passes away

The voice of Citytv, Mark Dailey, has lost his second battle with cancer, and died earlier this morning at the age of 57. Outside of the channel's "Citytv... everywhere!" catchphrase he iconicly delivered, he was the channel's 11PM Toronto news host, and welcomed viewers to the channel for thirty years. He was the voice of the city.

Beyblade fans will know him as the voice of the dub only character, Brad Best. The more sensical host Nelvana created in their dub of the original Beyblade television series. He also voiced Rokusho in Medabots, among other credits. Coverage
So he was the less annoying "host" in the Beyblade dub ? How did he die ?

I think this could have been posted in the Beyblade Anime and Manga Random Thoughts topic though.
(Dec. 07, 2010  12:49 AM)Kai-V Wrote: So he was the less annoying "host" in the Beyblade dub ?

Yes, he was the very calm character, not the pun spewing AJ Topper. He passed away due to kidney cancer.
:0 I watch Citytv....poor guy, rest in peace <3
Rest In Peace & Thank you for entertaining us over the years , you will be missed sir
*sniff* that is sad D:
May he rest in peace Unhappy
rest in peace, and may god bless you with food and wine.... *sobs*... rokusho and Brad best will remind us of you, if we watch it you will be in our hearts... i will never forget you for making me start to thnik of drawing medabots just like yours!
Rest in peace, sir.
may him rest in peace
May he rest in peace. I liked him on both Medabots and Beyblade.
R.I.P. Is this the guy who played the announcer that had sweat problems? Either way, R.I.P.
im gonna miss that guy he was a great announcer they actually made it funny
RIP he is in heaven now.