Black Dranzer and Translucent Yellow Wolborg - SOLD!

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get a little back on a few beys I no longer need(for more beys I am missing). I have multiples for the plastic collection already that are now only for display... As in the title I have a Black Dranzer and a translucent yellow Wolborg that I want to get rid of as a set, they are brand new still on the rails. They come with brand new unused sticker sheets for both of them! They originally came with the G-Revolution Battlecase so they will not come in a box. Launchers and cords will be included.

I don't have much of a history as a seller, but am rated 100% on ebay as a buyer under the same name I use here. I have also bought a number of beys from other users on this site and they will all tell you I am 100%, ask me (PM) for references if you would like them...

-Please PM offers in USD
-PAYPAL only please, it makes everything quick and easy
-Please have the money ready if you are going to bid/make an offer, I can't hold these items
-I will ship anywhere that the USPS ships to. Shipping costs will depend on your location and the options you want such as tracking, in the US priority flat rate will help keep shipping costs down
-I won't split thye beys, if anything you can consider the Wolborg as a gift for a Black Dranzer purchase!

Good luck!

Pics thru photobucket:
Give me until tomorrow I am going to need to borrow a camera before I can do anything. My cell camera is worthless. The Black Dranzer is just a recolor of Dranzer F which I believe was originally dark blue, and then I also have a pastel(?) blue version, both Hasbro. The wolborg is also a color change from the standard. I also have the original instructions that would come with both of these in addition to the original unised sticker sheet. I will put up pics as soon as I can!

(Oct. 13, 2010  8:40 AM)OtakuCyrus Wrote: Pictures never seen these beys

Look it up on google images.
Are the beyblades takara or hasbro?
(Oct. 13, 2010  9:38 AM)INFINITYDRANZER Wrote:
(Oct. 13, 2010  8:40 AM)OtakuCyrus Wrote: Pictures never seen these beys

Look it up on google images.
Are the beyblades takara or hasbro?
He stated they were from the battle case so its hasbro
no frickin way. you're sellin a black dranzer? u gotta hook me up in pm man
Same here dude for safe keepings sake (but that basicly means i'll buy it also once you provide an image for it).
Okay, due to all of the requests I have put pics up now. They are now linked (thru photobucket) in my opening post. If you want more pics or close-ups let me know. I appreciate the interest....
Man. black dranzer is my dream beyblade. this is insane
is it a real black dranzer or just a black dranzer f
i got two of those yellow wolborgs their called phantom force wolborg which are reinforced and have good speed / attack
(Oct. 14, 2010  4:47 PM)donnieall123 Wrote: is it a real black dranzer or just a black dranzer f

Of course it's a real black dranzer cause the stickers are different also I don't think a black dranzer F was released version was released.
Thanks Megablader. It is nice to have so many people around to help who know more than me about some of this stuff. It is pretty much the same thing as the Dranzer F but has the different colors and the booklet that comes with says Black Dranzer and not Dranzer F (Hasbro). As I said above I know there are at least three different colors of this blade that were released by Hasbro. If you haven't checked it out the wiki has some background on this one specifically. (Love having that available, a lot of people here know a heck of a lot more than me about beyblade and have made a great deal of that knowledge available to other members!)
Hey wolverine7680 I sent u a pm about this and u havnt answered. If u didnt get it I can send it again
First I have to apologize to RyanWolf and benjohadi, I wish I could have had one for everyone! I do appreciate your interest and if I had another you guys will know first.

Which means that this sale is now over and they are gone...and NO, if anyone was wondering it was nowhere near the last price I saw for an ebay'd Black Dranzer!

Again I thank everyone for their interest, if I manage to come up with any more spares I'll post them but it probably won't be for some time....