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UPDATED! In my first statistical breakdown, there were around 350 matches collected, now we have over 1,100 matches which means over 2,200 BeybladeX combos recorded in my DATA BANK! Find out what combos are doing good so far based on tournament results and statistics! Watch it here! Fresh and original content! The first and only channel that provides actual stats!
WizardArrow 4-60B will defend the title for the first time! Can he do it? Who will be his challenger??
hs those beys look gorgeous
The Top5 combos with the HIGHEST Win Rates in my recent STATISTICAL BREAKDOWN Battle it out in a League Format! Who do you think will come out on top?
Time to defend the Title! Can WizardArrow 4-60B become a 3x champ? What combo will challenge it for the title? Watch it here!