Beyblade Supporters is Back

I know not many people went to this forum, and it was left for about a year or two alone.

It has moved up on Google and has had many views, so I updated it.

Those who were on it and remember it and those new to it are welcome to move back, and I would be gratefully thankful.

Thank you in advance for anyone looking at this.

Here's the website:
(Oct. 18, 2010  5:30 AM)Mc Frown Wrote:
Just stick with this forum bro, much better, much more active.

Lol I remember posting that 11 months ago. XD

And well yeah dur this forum is better and more active. For crying out loud it's the WBO. XD
Maybe i am wrong but this is a type of a advertisement so if you want to post a link to your forum why not code it or put it in >>> click here <<<
And of course it uses our bookmark icon and our forum icons too ...

Anyway, nothing has really changed except the layout, and that does not make a message board more active. Do follow NitroNeo89's advice, because I am not certain we need a whole topic for this.