Beyblade Giveaway: Win a B-199 Gatling Dragon.KR.CM'-10

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  • The entry period will end on June 10th, 2022 at 11:59PM EST. The winner will be announced a few days afterwards.
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One lucky winner will earn this prize!

The winning entrant will also win one of the Bit Boosters below, which contain one random Bit for your profile!

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I am extremely excited for the plastic wrapping around the Charge Metal' driver.
I am most excited for the D-gear. I hope it is made of rubber so any bey with nexus can have an attack/spin steal boost.
Funnily enough, my most anticipated part is kind of a toss-up between Gatling and Cm'.
Gatling looks like it'll have a good oval shape when awakened and might have the potential to be a decent attack layer, while Cm' and the extra burst resistance it brings to the table is a godsend for anyone looking to make creative, weight-based attackers.
Overall, I'm very excited for this release and can't wait to see what the rest of BU has to offer!
I am so excited for both the Gatling Blade because of the huge stamina potential, and also the Dragon core because I hope it is better than Valkyrie 1 .
I'm most excited for the D Gear but I do wish it had a Bound Gimmick. I see a lot of Competetive Potential in Gatling and I'm hoping to use it in events. The BU System also seems really cool and I'm hoping to pick up a BU Bey!
As a new collector I'm excited about any new releases! Therefore all the parts are interesting ... though the blade and overall color scheme look great!
The charge driver has been one of the coolest parts ive seen
I'm most excited for the Gatling Blade. Curious to see how it performs.
I personally look forward to the highly requested Karma rerelease.
Most excited about the core, really hoping it’s just Valk I with better teeth
I am personally looking forward to seeing the dragon core get released. I seriously hope it has better teeth than Valkyrie 1
What Logic and Crazy said - I'm looking forward to the core because I really hope it is a bound core that doesn't have the wear issues of valkyrie1.
I’m looking forward for the layer Gatling. That would be my first DB bey.
I’m most excited for the blade. The added difference between low and high mode with this release is intriguing.
I am most excited for the blade because it is THICCC
Personally for me, I'm most excited for the Gatling Blade, Dragon Core, and Charge Metal'. I think Gatling looks like an interesting blade, and it could be okay. The Dragon Core, is basically just Valkyrie1, but I really hope the Core has better locks. Finally, Charge Metal' just seems kinda interesting, it'll be fun to test. The D Gear seems kinda just okay, it really just looks like Sting, and don't really have any gimmicks(that we know of)
Honestly, I'm new to the burst scene so I don't know too much about burst parts. However, after researching Gatling Dragon a bit, I'm definitely excited for that driver. It looks unique and innovative compared to others I've seen. Out of all the "main character" beys from the show, Dragon is my second favourite design, I'm still partial to Achilles. Still, even if I don't win, I definitely plan on buying the booster. It will just mean putting some other purchases on hold.
I'm most excited for Gatling because I really like how it looks, it's so vibrant. I've always liked how colorful the Dragon beys are.
I am excited to see the chip and the new layer. Also I want a purple bit chip if I win.
The blade and core are the most anticipated release so the spamina community can take another attack time and use it for stamina
i'm excited for charge metal but dash
I think im more interested in the blade, Charge Metal' and a easier way to get the 10 Armor.

Also i guess D-Gear is cool too.
I can't wait to see the Dragon Core up close.