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  • The entry period will end on August 14th, 2021 at 11:59PM EST. The winner will be announced a few days afterwards.
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I am most excited about Blade - Savior. It seems to have a pretty aggressive design and mid-tier to top-tier for attack combos as of now. I feel that someone needs to unlock its potential.
Another part I am excited about is the DB Core - Valkyrie. Its spring gimmick could be good with dash performance tip to reduce bursting and the spring to reduce recoil.
The DB Armour and Performance Tip is kind of meh to me.
I hope I win!
The ability of the shot driver is so cool and also the fact u can awaken the savior layer is so cool!
The Power Gear will be a great addition to my launcher setup, the chance of getting a red Savior is what I'm most excited for but that will not happen with me. I wanna try out the Savior Blade and Valkyrie Core and see what works.
Definitely the launcher!
Honestly, it's a toss-up between the new Power gear and the Valkyrie chip, the bound gimmick definitely gives me some interesting combo ideas!
I'm excited for the valkyrie chip, I love the bound gimmick and I just can't wait to put it on my upgraded belial, not to mention the astral spriggan I'll be pre-ordering from mall of toys soon, I just think the idea of being able to add a bound gimmick to any dynamite ring is awesome!
The core is very interesting, the blade is cool and the shot driver is just very funny. I'm interested in all parts (including the armor) and how they perform with each other.
I mainly want the Power Launcher. The Shot driver has a fun gimmick and the saviour blade is the highlight of this combo
I'm interested in all parts and gear and I want to find out how powerful and effective they perform during battle with other beyblades.
I wanna join. (I really want the Savior Blade)
I want the driver and the layer/gear! The driver is jumping, and the gear goes back to God.
The dual-spin customize launcher is pretty awesome, but I'm most excited about Shot. As I'm not really interested in the competitive scene anymore, I'm just looking for the fun in beyblade, and shot just looks obscene. I love it so much lol.
I am most excited for the savior blade because if awakened, it seems to have great attack and could revive right spin attack.
I’m most excited for the Savior blade and Valkyrie core, as both seem to have competitive use. The launcher is quite cool as well.
I'm most excited for the Shot driver, purely to see how fun it is.
I am really interested about Shot driver because I want to discover by myself if one shot jump can burst the opponent directly! (^-^)
I'm most excited for the awakening Gimick
I’m exited for all of it! The driver mostly.
I’m a simple man, I’m most excited for that beautifully coloured LR string launcher! If that doesn’t count then it has to be Saviour Blade because it just looks fantastic
Definitely the Valkyrie chip❣️

The addition of the chip for sure, longer spin❣️
The savior blade And the launcher
The Savior blade seems extremely promising, considering the results of yesterday's tournament. The launcher also looks and functions in a great way.