Beyblade Burst Episode #36 (December 5th, 2016)

36) The Threatening Rideout!
Raidoauto no kyōi!
December 4th, 2016

Features the battle against Gou's team, Rideout.

And yes, this does basically scream that Gigant Gaia will be the prize Bey in December's RBV5 release.
Well seeing how Lui Shirasagijo has recently joined Rideout, It's should be a no-brainer that Rideout is gonna be the evil gang.
The subbed version of this episode is now available! Thanks for all your patience with this release; between the WBO anniversary work, my uni assignments and the technical difficulties the group has been experiencing, we really do appreciate your patience and apologise for keeping you waiting! Smile
the only reason i like watching his episode is because of the ending