Beyblade Burst Dub Episodes Complete Collection Thread (Turbo ep19 added)

Kametsu is now a discussion only forum. I've decided to bring the links from there to here so you guys can still get your Beyblade fix. This thread is a revival for the one that was at Kametsu.

These episodes are from misseps from the Kametsu forum.

Beyblade Burst Season 1:
Episodes 1-51 (MEGA)

Beyblade Burst Evolution:
Episodes 1-51 (52-102)

Beyblade Burst Turbo Webrips:
Episode 13 added *

Arian's encodes of Beyblade Burst
DranzerX13's Re-encodes of Arian's Beyblade Burst Turbo Episodes (Episodes 19 added)
Thank you, DranzerX13. At this time, is there a capper who will be continuing with Turbo? Terrible shame about Kametsu.... Especially since that mess was started by a fool trying to mug them with an obvious copyright scam.
At this time, misseps will be webripping them as they air in the US. Arian might continue capping the Teletoon ones when new episodes air. I already talked to him about it.
Also, no new episodes of Turbo in the US till January 19, 2019, 2 weeks from now. Episode 10 premieres on that date.
Did the new episode get added?
Arian will be posting Turbo episode 16 in the next day or two in this thread.
Turbo English dub episodes 16 and 17 by Arian added.
Install CCCP codec pack. They should open using VLC.
They're not my encodes. I will re-encode them so they will play without problems. Plus the file size will be smaller too.

Edit: My re-encocdes of Turbo episodes 16-17 added.
My re-encode for Beyblade Burst Turbo episode 18 added.
Kyle's voice sounds kinda like Wakiya's and eh... his voice acting is good and pretty chilling but it doesn't fit Kyle's goblin face lol.

Thank you DranzerX13
So right now we are missing 13 and 14 if i am correct