Beyblade Burst APP Leagues and Strong Opponents

Hi everyone!
I know I'm late to the party, but I have installed the Beyblade Burst app just recently.
Idk if someone here still plays it, but I'm asking for your help or best advices.

Basically I'm trying to find some stronger opponents and for this I wanted to enter league matches and world events matches, but each time I try to enter a tournament an error message appears saying "connection failed", that's odd since I'm able to play online without any problems when i use the "random opponent" mode.
Any of you having the same problem? Any advice on how to solve this?

Aside from that, if the tournament thing can't be solved I'm asking you guys if anyone of you is willing to become in-game friend with me. I'm just looking for stronger opponents, people with high level Beyblade to have some challenging battles, too many people are just level 1 on the random opponent mode, I wish I could find some more experienced players somehow.
My in-game name is    MightySoul14665
Everyone is welcome!

Thank you all.
the more experience you get, the more difficult your opponents become