[BeyClub from Germany] Blackwater Guardians

Hello World Bladers. My name is Zera and I am the leader of the Blackwater Guardians. We are a passionate Beyblade Team located in Germany. We are a team whose goal is to support each other, spread happieness through Beyblade and have a better time.

The members:

Blader: Zera
Age: 21 years old
Status: Founder and leader of the Blackwater Guardians
Attribute: Wind
Favorite Type: Balance
Current Partner Bey: Flare/Heaven Pegasus Around Awakened Volcanic Dash Goku, Lord Spriggan Vanguard Bearing
3D p. Partner Bey: Quasar Galahad 3Estrella Unite Metal, Empyrean Galahad Chariot Turbo Trinity, Astral Galahad ZenithX Metal
Personality: I am very calm, kind and cheerful, but when I get pushed into a corner I can become a very serious opponent. I am passionate, honest, determined and my friends mean everything to me.

Blader: ReijiPSerpent 
Age: 20 years old 
Status: highly skilled member 
Attribute: Water 
Favorite Type: Balance 
Current Partner Bey: TBA 
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Evil Lorelei
Personality: He's calm and doesn't talk much, but when he talks, he is sometimes sarcastic and has a dark humor. His Blading skills are extraordinary. 

Blader: BalkeshBlader [SatombCrafter] 
Age: 19 years old 
Status: highly skilled member 
Attribute: Thunder 
Favorite Type: Stamina 
Current Fun Partner Bey: Arc Balkesh 0Bump Bearing (Original Creator, Dec. 2017), Naked Bahamut Paradox Bearing Gen 
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Silent Atlas Outer Asteroid 
Personality: He is very calm and silent, but when his inner storm gets unleashed nothing can stop his rolling thunder.

Blader: XtraLeben 
Age: 17 years old 
Status: skilled member 
Attribute: Ice 
Favorite Type: Balance 
Current Fun Partner Bey: Judgement/Zwei Diabolos Drake Ultimate Reboot Dash, Master Diabolos Sting Destroy Dash
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Rebellion Niddhogg
Personality: A very great blader who is really good at making friends and rival who always beleives in his team comerades. He is also always supportive of his friends and he would do everything to help them.

Blader: GlowEye
Age: 10 years old 
Status: skilled member 
Attribute: Thunder 
Favorite Type: Attack
Current Fun Partner Bey: TBA
Current 3D p. Partner Bey: Glow Sphynx
Personality: He has a very kind and cheerful personality. Even tho he is the youngest member of the team, his IQ is far over average. He speaks 7 languages and is known as the friendly neighborhood Beyblade genius.

We are currently 5 members in the Blackwater Guardians BeyClub and always on the lookout for more friendly Bladers to battle against, who want to join our BeyClub and live in Germany. If you want to join our BeyClub, just meet us at a BeyBlade tournament in the future or message me via Private Message on the WBO. Sincerely, Zera :)
hey blackwater members i am myabe new here but i really wanna join your club and to prove it i wanna battle you guys maybe its a bit tricky to tell my mom thaat you wanna come to me or we to you but i wanna challange you then with my 3D printed bey mystic wolf reversed x well my atribute is darknes i am almost 18 and my favorite type is balance because u can do so many things with them i dont have a partner bey except my broken gt pegasus and yeah have fun with the upcomming battles