Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Original Soundtrack — MP3 and Apple Lossless Download

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Kyoujyu's Sound File I + II

Composed by Yoshihisa Hirano

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(Also available in Apple Lossless format here. These files are huge and work only in iTunes.)

As I'm sure is the case for many World Bladers, the original series of Beyblade (known in Japan as Bakuten Shoot Beyblade) holds a special place in my heart. I still think it captures the sense of adventure, rivalry and growth that's so core to Beyblade better than any of the seasons that followed, and its art style remains distinctive even almost 20 years later.

However, perhaps no element of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade has held up as well as its fully orchestrated soundtrack, the debut professional work of composer Yoshihisa Hirano. Hirano would go on to compose incredible, baroque-inspired scores for hugely popular series like Death Note and Hunter x Hunter, but his work on Beyblade is relatively unknown because it was replaced by alternative music (such as Swing Low, an accomplished work in its own right) in territories outside of Japan.

It's a shame, because Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's soundtrack is absolutely a masterpiece among anime soundtracks and deserves equal appreciation among Hirano's list of accomplishments. Beyond the incredible quality of both its compositions and production, what's most impressive is how clearly each piece evokes the themes, settings and characters of the series, showing that this is a true companion to the anime and not merely an assortment of generic background music.

This soundtrack also includes contributes from Masato Yamada and system-B in the form of the show's opening and ending themes, Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– and Cheer Song.

These tracks have previously been available only in incomplete forms or low-quality rips, with poorly-translated track titles. In the interests of preserving Beyblade's history — a mission I've been pursuing ever since I created the World Beyblade Organization — I'm happy to provide this definitive version ripped directly from the original CD sources, available in both Apple Lossless and high-quality MP3 formats, with re-localized track names that better convey the intent of the original titles.

For those of you who are already fans of the original Japanese series, I hope that you'll enjoy listening to these songs presented in their definitive, highest-quality versions. And for those of you who have yet to discover how great this soundtrack is ... well, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Track Listing

Disk 1 (Kyoujyu's Sound File)
  1. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– (TV Ver.)
  2. Prologue
  3. Assemble! Team BBA
  4. Early Day
  5. Opening Ceremony! Super Battle Tournament
  6. A Chill Running Down
  7. GO!!
  8. Seiryū (Dragoon) Appears
  9. Cry of the Earth
  10. Exploding Forth! Explosive Spin!
  11. Suzaku (Dranzer) Dwells
  12. Beyond the Distant Battle
  13. Lurking Mystery
  14. Ear Catch I
  15. Good Morning Friends
  16. Well Then.
  17. Back Then ...
  18. Oasis
  19. The Aloof Man
  20. Byakko (Driger) Roars
  21. Black Shadow
  22. Genbu (Draciel) Burns
  23. In the Middle of a Dream
  24. Ear Catch II
  25. Rain of Sorrow
  26. Hi! China
  27. Ancient Continent
  28. The Wondrous White Tiger Clan
  29. Good Bye My …
  30. What's Next?
  31. Epilogue
  32. Cheer Song (TV Ver.)

Disk 2 (Kyoujyu's Sound File II)
  1. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade–
  2. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade Dance Mix–
  3. Cheer Song
  4. Cheer Song –School Mix–
  5. GO!
  6. In a Dream
  7. American Dream
  8. Moonlight
  9. Tension in the Air
  10. Battle of the Wilderness
  11. Everyday's Fierce Battle
  12. Break
  13. Lonely Town
  14. Legend
  15. Frozen Earth
  16. Fear of Darkness
  17. Silence
  18. Red Soul
  19. Russia
  20. Passion
  21. Far Away
  22. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– (Karaoke Ver.)
  23. Cheer Song –School Mix– (Karaoke Ver.)
Fighting Spirits Dance Mix?!? Now I know what I'll be listening to when I'm cleaning chapters, haha.
Thanks for putting in the time to do this! Regrettably, I've never actually watched the original Japanese version of the show, but I've always enjoyed the soundtrack.

And I didn't know that this was Yoshihisa Hirano's first documented professional work!
Thanks for doing this, Brad! I'll be downloading these later Wink

(Mar. 26, 2016  6:13 PM)Wizard Wrote: Fighting Spirits Dance Mix?!?

My first reaction, too, haha.
Now that I'm actually home and able to listen to this... Fighting Spirits sounds so much different in lossless, and I'm not even using my good headphones. Like, there's so much there that you just can't hear watching the show. This is awesome!
Glad you dig it Smile FWIW, 192kbps and lossless will sound roughly the same to all but the pickiest audiophiles with the best equipment. haha
Oh man, I just started listening to a few of those songs and I must say that I'm already addicted. Glad you shared it, thanks a lot !
That's awesome to have in such a perfect quality! Thanks a lot for sharing! Grin
Based Yoshihisa Harano. I love his work in Hunter x Hunter.
Instead of using ALAC (broken link?) could be cool to use FLAC instead :)
Both links work OK for me? I'll see what I can do about FLAC Smile
(Dec. 16, 2016  7:35 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: Both links work OK for me? I'll see what I can do about FLAC Smile

Now it seems to work for me too. Ok thanks! Grin
Now for V-Force and G-Revolution's JP ost's. Love the work here!
Definitely downloading these later! Thanks BeyBrad!

Edit: After about 4 to 3 hours after this post I downloaded it. Thanks so much, I appreciate your hard work!
I wonder if I can use these soundtracks on some of my Youtube videos.
Hi, does anyone know where can I find all the OST from bakuten 2002?
I haven't been able to find it Unhappy
i just crete this account to thank you for this ost and the super quality of the sound
(Mar. 29, 2019  2:04 AM)Konkachila Wrote: i just crete this account to thank you for this ost and the super quality of the sound

I realize you posted this a long time ago, but I wanted to say it made me so happy to read this! Thank you for listening, and to everyone who's downloaded and spread the word about this soundtrack so far. I'm grateful I was able to preserve this important part of Beyblade history.

I've made some slight updates to the original post. But I have even more to be grateful for...

[Image: Bey-Brad-Kei-Yoshihisa-Hirano-Beyblade.jpg]

Kei and myself were lucky enough to meet Hirano-san in person at Otakuthon in Montreal, at a meet and greet following a wonderful concert he conducted consisting of music from Death Note, Hunter x Hunter and Ouran High School Host Club. Beyblade did not make an appearance, and the other people waiting in line to meet him were visibly confused that we were discussing Beyblade. Hirano himself said, "This is my debut work! I didn't expect this."

(Also, sorry I look like a crazy person here — I'd been to two concerts and a dance party in the span of the previous 15 hours, only two of which I slept)

I obviously got my CDs signed, and some of you might recognize the extremely rare Beyblade Kei is holding.

[Image: IMG-20190817-175502.jpg]

This special version of Wyvern DJ was only given to people who worked on the Beyblade anime. I've never seen it for sale other than the one Kei has, and this was the first time I ever got to see it in person. Hirano seemed to recognize it, though!

It's often hard to believe how many incredible people I've met, and experiences I've had, all thanks to Beyblade. Very happy that this seems to be continuing. :)