Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Original Soundtrack — MP3 and Apple Lossless Download

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Kyoujyu's Sound File I + II

Composed by Yoshihisa Harano

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As I'm sure is the case for many World Bladers, the original series of Beyblade — known in Japan as Bakuten Shoot Beyblade — holds a special place in my heart. But beyond that, I think it holds up well even today. Its plot was goofy and its animation was frequently janky, but it had well-developed characters and relationships that still feel exceptional compared to most other series from the battling game genre of anime.

The English dub produced by Nelvana, however, is much-maligned among those in the know. While we can be grateful for the work that Nelvana did in bringing Beyblade beyond Japanese shores at all, much was lost in that process of adaptation.

No omission is perhaps more glaring than the replacement of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's soundtrack with a spat of generic background music (and a few nu-metal jams — like Swing Low — that are beloved in their own ways).

Somewhat inexplicably, the original version of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade has a stunningly-beautiful, fully-orchestrated soundtrack composed by Yoshihisa Hirano. Now a prolific composer of music for anime and games (including blockbuster titles like Death Note and Final Fantasy XIII), the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade soundtrack is his first documented professional work.

This soundtrack also includes contributes from Masato Yamada and system-B in the form of the show's opening and ending themes, Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– and Cheer Song.

These tracks have previously been available only in incomplete forms or low-quality rips, with poorly-translated track titles. In the interests of preserving Beyblade's history — one of the original goals of creating Beywiki, and by extension, the WBO — I'm happy to provide this definitive version ripped directly from the original CD sources, available in both Apple Lossless and high-quality MP3 formats, with re-localized track names that better convey the intent of the original titles.

For those of you who are already fans of the original Japanese series, I hope that you'll enjoy listening to these songs presented in their definitive, highest-quality versions. And for those of you who have yet to discover how great this soundtrack is ... well, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Track Listing

Disk 1 (Kyoujyu's Sound File)
  1. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– (TV Ver.)
  2. Prologue
  3. Assemble! Team BBA
  4. Early Day
  5. Opening Ceremony! Super Battle Tournament
  6. A Chill Running Down
  7. GO!!
  8. Seiryū (Dragoon) Appears
  9. Cry of the Earth
  10. Exploding Forth! Explosive Spin!
  11. Suzaku (Dranzer) Dwells
  12. Beyond the Distant Battle
  13. Lurking Mystery
  14. Ear Catch I
  15. Good Morning Friends
  16. Well Then.
  17. Back Then ...
  18. Oasis
  19. The Aloof Man
  20. Byakko (Driger) Roars
  21. Black Shadow
  22. Genbu (Draciel) Burns
  23. In the Middle of a Dream
  24. Ear Catch II
  25. Rain of Sorrow
  26. Hi! China
  27. Ancient Continent
  28. The Wonderous White Tiger Clan
  29. Good Bye My …
  30. What's Next?
  31. Epilogue
  32. Cheer Song (TV Ver.)

Disk 2 (Kyoujyu's Sound File II)
  1. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade–
  2. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade Dance Mix–
  3. Cheer Song
  4. Cheer Song –School Mix–
  5. GO!
  6. In a Dream
  7. American Dream
  8. Moonlight
  9. Tension in the Air
  10. Battle of the Wilderness
  11. Everyday's Fierce Battle
  12. Break
  13. Lonely Town
  14. Legend
  15. Frozen Earth
  16. Fear of Darkness
  17. Silence
  18. Red Soul
  19. Russia
  20. Passion
  21. Far Away
  22. Fighting Spirits –Song for Beyblade– (Karaoke Ver.)
  23. Cheer Song –School Mix– (Karaoke Ver.)
Fighting Spirits Dance Mix?!? Now I know what I'll be listening to when I'm cleaning chapters, haha.
Thanks for putting in the time to do this! Regrettably, I've never actually watched the original Japanese version of the show, but I've always enjoyed the soundtrack.

And I didn't know that this was Yoshihisa Hirano's first documented professional work!
Thanks for doing this, Brad! I'll be downloading these later Wink

(Mar. 26, 2016  6:13 PM)Wizard Wrote: Fighting Spirits Dance Mix?!?

My first reaction, too, haha.
Now that I'm actually home and able to listen to this... Fighting Spirits sounds so much different in lossless, and I'm not even using my good headphones. Like, there's so much there that you just can't hear watching the show. This is awesome!
Glad you dig it Smile FWIW, 192kbps and lossless will sound roughly the same to all but the pickiest audiophiles with the best equipment. haha
Oh man, I just started listening to a few of those songs and I must say that I'm already addicted. Glad you shared it, thanks a lot !
That's awesome to have in such a perfect quality! Thanks a lot for sharing! Grin
Based Yoshihisa Harano. I love his work in Hunter x Hunter.
Instead of using ALAC (broken link?) could be cool to use FLAC instead :)
Both links work OK for me? I'll see what I can do about FLAC Smile
(Dec. 16, 2016  7:35 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: Both links work OK for me? I'll see what I can do about FLAC Smile

Now it seems to work for me too. Ok thanks! Grin
Now for V-Force and G-Revolution's JP ost's. Love the work here!
Definitely downloading these later! Thanks BeyBrad!

Edit: After about 4 to 3 hours after this post I downloaded it. Thanks so much, I appreciate your hard work!
I wonder if I can use these soundtracks on some of my Youtube videos.
Hi, does anyone know where can I find all the OST from bakuten 2002?
I haven't been able to find it Unhappy
i just crete this account to thank you for this ost and the super quality of the sound