BS in Zero-G

I thought that seeing as though sway is a big factor in zero-g, there would be plenty of combos designed specifically to sway the opponent out. Well, this is my counter to them Wyvang Killerken (wyvang on top) SA165BS. now, at the moment, the top parts where just what came to my mind when I thought about it, it would help if people test BS with other tracks and wheels. The reason i chose BS is that it has a very fine point, i chose Wyvang because it look good for defence, I chose Killerken as it is doing well in Zero-G and the same for SA165. I will do other tests but I am waiting for a new Beylaucher L/R
Wyvang Killerken SA165BS VS MF Diablo Kerbecs E230CF
Zero-g attack stadium
1.Wyvang OS
2.Diablo KO
3. Diablo OS
4. Wyvang OS
5.Wyvang OS
6.Wyvang KO
7.Wyvang KO
8.Wyvang KO
9.Wyvang OS
10.Wyvang OS (just)
11.Diablo KO
12.Diablo OS
13.Wyvang OS
14.Wyvang KO
15.Wyvang KO
16.Wyvang OS
17.Wyvang KO
18.Wyvang OS
19.Diablo OS
20.Wyvang KO
Notes: Every time Wyvang KO'd Diablo, it was diablo self KOing and every time Dialbo OS'd Wyvang, it was due to Wyvang suffering to much spin loss from sway
Well nice test, hopefully that Wyvang still looks good.

But really, it should be kind of obvious that BS will be able to resist most swaying, just as SB and couple of others.

Swaying really only affects lighter combos, several attack customs that can't sway, and the "Stamina" bottoms of ZeroG. The only tip so far to counter swaying is TB, provided it's on a synchrom combo, js. I rarely see any kind of sharp tips like BS sway out unless there is a balance issue.
Pretty much most S related Bottoms are really good for Defence in Zero-G
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(Oct. 30, 2012  11:12 PM)Insomniac Wrote: Gryph Phoenic E230CF v. MF-H Duo Aquario TH170BS:
GP: 8 (6 OS, 1 KO, 1 0GKO)
DA: 12 OS
Ties: 1

BS Average Win Rate: 60%


MF-H Flash Elscolpio LW160R2F v. MF-H Duo Aquario TH170BS:
FE: 17 (3 OS, 14 KO)
DA: 3 (1 OS, 2 KO)
Ties: 1

BS Average Win Rate: 15%

Gryph Dragooon LW160CF v. MSF Revizer Saramanda SA165BS:
GD: 19 (18 OS, 1 KO)
RS: 1 OS
Ties: 0

BS Average Win Rate: 5%