B-133 DX Starter Ace / Grand / Rock Dragon - 
B-134 Slash Valkyrie - 
B-135 Bushin Ashura - 
B-132 RB Volume 14(SINGLES ONLY) - 
Stadiums (Complete MINT) -

B-133 + B-134 + B-135 (COMBO) -


[Image: GT_BEYS.jpg]
How about 20$ for slash valkyrie

Or 18$ for random booster
For that price it's just the box without the bey
No offense but that is overpriced.
The MSRP in Japan is 1296 which is $11.69 USD, $15.61 CAD. Zankye's in Toronto, and is only selling them locally, so he's probably using CAD. So buying it in Japan costs at least $15.61 before shipping. They had to be bought and shipped from Japan to Toronto already, so they've probably eaten around $20 or more on each Slash Valkyrie. Maybe a little less with wholesale prices, but likely for more than original MSRP. Asking to buy it at cost from a middleman seller is unreasonable.

The exact prices aren't listed, but you can PM them for the exact prices. But this is an opportunity for people around Toronto to buy it locally and the confirmed product without chance of scam and get it in a single day. If you're not interested in that, there's no need to post your thoughts on the price.

If you don't like the prices, don't buy it, but don't complain. You can't say "No offense" and become immune to being offensive.
(Mar. 31, 2019  1:30 AM)lilphilyb Wrote: No offense but that is overpriced.
Like Deceased Crab mentioned, we're selling these products locally only these aren't on some eBay store or Amazon etc... It's extremely silly for people before and still now not understanding that no person is gonna sell them(locally) for $10 just because. Something else that people who are complaining don't understand or get is that in Japan stores today is extremely limited to only being one per customer which makes it very hard for people visiting Japan to go and import it. Adding onto the fact that there's a limit to the stores the prices can vary with some being higher than others making the rates different. In general to make the assertion that a product that is imported and being sold locally is "overpriced" shows that you have to for the future do research on this stuff. Even in the tournament today in Toronto other sellers had almost the exact same rates that we have. 

Lastly by a quick observation on your profile, it says you're from the U.S. which makes it a bit confusing that you went on a post where the message has at the top "(TORONTO AND GTA ONLY!)"  

[Image: one_per_person.png]
Only if i had Money to Buy these sry man.