[Answered]  Is Japan Hobbylink trustworthy?

Is Japan Hobbylink a trusted website to buy beys from? How was your experience while buying from them?
They are very trustworthy, in fact I believe they are listed in our topic called "Stores with Beyblades in stock". Just be careful when preordering, as they might not receive enough stock, in the end, and your item ends up backordered or litterally out of stock right on the release date and you get none. If the product is in stock though, everything is good.
I got from there multiple times, and I can say they are really reliable. Recently @[Ninja Blader] too got some stuff from there and it safely came as fast as in3 days (#GreatEMS). And with that said, I found there rates for EMS to be quite cheap as well.
Yes the packaging all were safe and goods came really well and fast.