Adrenaline; A Plastics & HMS Beyblade Fanfiction

Wrote this yesterday at 5:00 in the morning, and for some reason still decided to post it. Eh.
This is one of those stories that I'm writing now but I feel like tomorrow I'm going to wake up, look back, and think "What the hell did I write?"

In any case, I figured I might as well add fuel to the flames by making this a beyblade story. However, there's a twist: the characters will all be using Plastic beyblades. Partially because I don't remember any MFB, partially because I don't care enough about that series to find out, haha. Regardless, please kick back and enjoy.

Chapter 1 (Click to View)
Chapter 2 (Click to View)
Oh, how I've missed you FanFiction! [/sarcasm]
This wasn't too great, but not the worst I've done. I'll upload the next chapter on Friday when I have time, but for now some critique and comments would be great. Thanks guys.
I believe I promised an update, but I'm a little busy packing for vacation (I leave tomorrow, early). So to hold you off, I'll post most of it. Once I type it up, I'll try to put the rest of it here - hopefully by tomorrow night. We'll see, though.

Chapter 2 (Only 1/2 Uploaded) (Click to View)
Just want to point out, this looks more like that new movie Total Recall combined with Beyblade (in which case, the beyblade influence is very, very little).

Haha, did you dream something that involved both of them and decide to write this?
Actually, I have no idea what Total Recall is about. I got some of my influence from the Hunger Games, actually, as you will start to see. The rest of it just came from a good ol' brainstorming (;