A Warning when Buying MFB

Known seller Beybladesaurus. Also known as M12390.(also known as 7rodes on the WBO fourms) Has recently admitted to knowingly selling midfakes and selling them for the price of official beyblades. Recently a buyer(who wishes to remain anonymousus) purchased a skeleton phantom Orion. Which only 100 were produced. And at the time of posting M12390 had 8 of them. Its a bit shocking for 1 seller to have under 10% of a known product.  

After some investigations. And some comparisons from a great member zankye we were able to 100% confirm that what the buyer purchased was a midfake. Please be careful when buying MFB in the future. As this could ruin the market as we know it. 

Below are imgur albums for proof

M12390's admission http://imgur.com/a/0yoibgq

Authentic TT skeleton ed. Orion(provided by Zankye) http://imgur.com/a/4N5QssI

Mid fake orion http://imgur.com/a/u5F5xNd

Notice the lettering and codes. The font is very much off, and no TT facebolt Uses 3 digit codes(in the midfakes case HH2) where as zankyes has H4